Predecessor: Players Can Now Fight against AI Opponents in Patch v0.4

Patch v0.4
Patch v0.4 Steam

Omeda Studios launched Patch v0.4 for the action game Predecessor recently which added a couple of new and interesting features to the game.

First, Predecessor’s in-game store is now open! The shop is currently offering 12 skins that can be purchased using Platinum. The company intends to add more exciting skins in future updates.

Another neat feature introduced is a player versus AI function, allowing players to hone their abilities by fighting against AI opponents. Players can either go solo or team up with their buddies in the new Player vs. AI game mode. Keep in mind that this game mode is still in beta, so players might come across some bugs during matches. Players must report any issues they might encounter so devs can resolve them immediately.

Notable Changes to Fangtooth

Aside from that, the company overhauled Fangtooth in Patch v0.4 as well. Fangtooth, for those who are new to Predecessor, is a monster found on the map that can grant permanent buffs when killed.

In the past, Fangtooth has granted up to six buffs, giving the advantage to the team who repeatedly eliminates it. However, in this update, Fangtooth now only gives up to three passive buffs, including:

  • 1st: Jungle Buff Duration | +50% (capped at 30 seconds).
  • 2nd: Out of Combat Movement Speed | +8%.
  • 3rd: Increase Physical Power, Magical Power, Physical Armor, Magical Armor | +8%.

This means that the team who slays Fangtooth a few times will no longer get permanent passive buffs after the third kill.

The team who is at a disadvantage can still turn the tide of battle by eliminating the new monster called Primal Fangtooth.

Primal Fangtooth shows up when three total Fangteeth have been killed in a single game. When a team kills it successfully, the Primal Fangtooth will grant a temporary buff called Primordial Blaze, granting the following:

  • Damage dealt to Enemy Targets will be set aflame, dealing (+2 per minute of game time) true damage per second over 4 seconds.
  • This damage is increased by 50% against Enemy Heroes below 25% maximum health.
  • This damage is capped at 80 True Damage per second (120 against targets below 25% maximum health).
  • Buff Duration:
    • 2 minutes (120s), which always leads to 2 and a half minutes (150s) due to the first Fangtooth buff granting +30s.

In addition to the things mentioned above, this update brings other improvements, such as:

  • Total Damage to Heroes will now be displayed at the top of the other Damage to Heroes stats.
  • Heroes can now be rotated in the Hero Screen & Post Match Screen.
  • Updated Gadget’s recommended items.
  • Visual effects for Sentry have been updated.
  • Visual effects for Heroes dying have been updated.
  • Client/server delay on Ranged Basic Attacks has been reduced by 50%.
  • Impact Decals have been updated for most abilities.
  • Gideon’s sound effects have been updated.
  • Visual effects for Lane Guidance Indicators have been updated.
  • Multiple Map improvements to help increase performance
  • Fey’s jumping and landing sound effects have been improved.

Predecessor Patch v0.4 is available on PC.

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