Pokémon GO Holding Ticketed Special Weekend Event

Time to have a good weekend.
Time to have a good weekend. Niantic

Collaborations are nothing new in Pokémon GO. For this month, a Special Weekend will be held together with different partners in various areas. There’s Verizon in the US, 7-Eleven Mexico in Mexico, and Yoshinoya in Japan. To join the event, players need a ticket and once they have it, they can enjoy several activities like Timed Research and even featured Pokémon attracted to Incense.

Trainers can get a ticket via participating Pokémon GO partners. Each ticket has a code that can be redeemed through Niantic’s Offer Redemption website. To know more about the tickets, just visit these participating partners:

The event is divided into two days:

  • Saturday (May 29)
  • These Pokémon are attracted to Incense:
    • Clefairy
    • Jigglypuff
    • Eevee
    • Marill
    • Sableye
    • Stunky
    • Spritzee
    • Swirlix
  • Different Unown will be attracted to Incense depending on the participating partner:
    • Verizon: Unown V
    • 7-Eleven Mexico: Unown S
    • Yoshinoya: Unown Y
  • ​Sunday (May 30)
  • Event-exclusive Timed Research reward encounters with:
    • Eevee
    • Spritzee
    • Swirlix
    • Deino
  • Event-exclusive Timed Research is available and rewards:
    • XP
    • Stardust
    • Incense
    • Star Piece
    • Lucky Egg
    • Spritzee Candy
    • Swirlix Candy
  • ​Increased chance of receiving Lucky Pokémon when Trainers trade with a friend.
  • Increased chance of becoming Lucky Friends when Trainers interact with a friend during the weekend.
  • Earn double the XP for catching Pokémon.
  • ​Receive an exclusive medal when redeeming a ticket code on the Offer Redemption website.

Features for All

For those who can't get a ticket, these bonuses will be available for everyone to enjoy:

  • The number of Gifts Trainers can open daily doubles.
  • Trade range increased to 40 km.

May Events

The Special Weekend is the last event for May but there are still many events before that. There are two dates left for the Spotlight Hours and a surprise mega-evolved Pokémon is coming to Mega-Raids. These are just some of the events remaining. Read more about it here.

What do you think about this special event? Excited about it?

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