See What’s Happening in Pokémon GO this May

Looks like an exciting month.
Looks like an exciting month. Niantic

Pokémon GO officially released its list of events for May and several interesting things will happen. For starters, two Legendary Pokémon are debuting in the game. There’s also some trouble coming from Team GO Rocket so that should make things livelier.

For May, the Research Breakthrough has trainers encounter Galarian Ponyta. This is going to be from May 1 and all the way to June 1. The Community Day event for the month, meanwhile, is on May 15 but no details yet about Pokémon featured for this day.

In this month as well, trainers can get a free one-time bundle with a Remote Raid Pass and other items every Monday.

Prepare to Raid

One of the events that everyone can look forward to is raids. For five-star raids, these are the Legendary Pokémon to expect:

  • Duration: May 4 to May 18
    • Pokémon: Xerneas
  • Duration: May 18 to June 1
    • Pokémon: Yveltal

Meanwhile for Mega Raids, the Pokémon are:

  • Duration: May 4 to May 15
    • Mega Venusaur
    • Mega Charizard Y
    • Mega Lopunny
  • Duration: May 15 to June 1
    • Mega Ampharos
    • Mega Houndoom
    • A surprise Mega-Evolved Pokémon

That’s not all since every Wednesday in May, there’s a Raid Hour that features the Pokémon appearing in five-star raids. This one happens from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Spotlight Hours

This month, a total of four Pokémon Spotlight Hours. For those new to the game, this event happens every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. For May, it’s scheduled on:

  • Date: May 4
    • Spotlight on: Cottonee
    • Bonus: Earn twice the Candy for catching Pokémon.
  • Date: May 11
    • Spotlight on: Dratini
    • Bonus: Earn twice the Candy for transferring Pokémon.
  • Date: May 18
    • Spotlight on: Alolan Rattata
    • Bonus: earn twice the XP for evolving Pokémon.
  • Date: May 25
    • Spotlight on: Marill
    • Bonus: Earn twice the Stardust for catching Pokémon.

Other Events

There are also other events beyond the usual this month. For example, there’s the celebration of the New Pokémon Snap game from April 29 to May 2. Learn more about it here.

By now, you’ve probably read about the new Legendary Pokémon arriving in the game. The game will actually launch events with them.

The first is Luminous Legends X, which is from May 4 to May 17. While the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas makes its debut during this period, different Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokémon will appear more often in the wild too. There are challenges for trainers to take as well and completing them unlocks rewards.

The next is Luminous Legends Y, which starts May 18 and ends May 31. As the Legendary Pokémon Yveltal officially joins the game, it seems Team GO Rocket has plans to cause trouble. Expect to see more Dark-type Pokémon appear in the wild.

What do you think? Is this going to be an exciting May?

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