PlayStation State of Play May 2024: Alien: Rogue Incursion Releasing Later this Year

Can you survive this threat? PlayStation

Alien: Rogue Incursion is launching for the PS VR2 this Holiday. The single-player and action-horror game offers an all-new storyline for players to enjoy. Developed using Unreal Engine 5, everyone has to stay frosty as they explore a facility on the inhospitable planet Purdan that's been overrun with a truly hostile threat.

Before taking a closer look at the game, a trailer has been released to offer a glimpse. You can watch it below:

As fans of the franchise know, Alien video games start and end with the iconic Xenomorphs. Those that players encounter in Alien: Rogue Incursion are pretty much what you would expect. That means ferocious, unpredictable, and of course, terrifying. In the game, these same Xenomorphs are dynamically spawning and pathing to result in countless unique possibilities. It's going to be difficult not only to know when are where each one strikes but also what strategies they'll employ.

In a statement, Survios Chief Product Officer TQ Jefferson shared that heart-pounding combat remains to be the core of the game. However, it doesn't mean that simply blasting with the pulse rifle can solve every situation. The Xenomorphs are both resourceful and unpredictable, so players need to be creative to survive. It's also important to have a level head and find a way to make use of the environment to their advantage.

The Franchise

The game is set on the planet Purdan and occurs between Alien and Aliens. The science fiction horror film Alien was released in 1979 and directed by Ridely Scott. The story follows the crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo. They happen upon a rather mysterious derelict spaceship on an uncharted planetoid and now find themselves in the fight of their lives against a deadly and aggressive extraterrestrial that's loose within their vessel. While the film initially received mixed reviews, it has since been widely considered to be one of the greatest and even most influential science fiction and horror films of all time. The film was considered as a breakout role for Sigourney Weaver.

The sequel Aliens was released in 1986. This time it was written and directed by James Cameron. It saw Sigourney Weaver return to her role as Ellen Ripley, who was the sole survivor of an alien attack on her ship in the first film. This time the story focuses on a human colony on the moon where communications have been lost. This is the same place where Ripley and her crew met the alien creatures. Because of this, Ripley agreed to return and investigate but this time accompanied with a unit of colonial Marines. It was in this film that Sigourney Weaver received her first Academy Award nomination.

Alien: Rouge Incursion is coming out for the PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 3, and Steam.

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