Phoenix Point: Year One Edition Update Tactical Mode Changes and Bug Fixes

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition
Phoenix Point: Year One Edition steam

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition developer Snapshot Games Inc. is releasing a new update to fix some known issues and make changes to tactical missions. To help the players understand the game better, developers have added more messages and tips for tactical missions, which are a handy addition for first-timers.

Issues like attempting to aim with Danchev MG and use the RageBurst ability that would cause the game to get stuck have been fixed by this update.

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition Update


  • Added more contextual help messages and tooltips to tactical.
  • To prevent misfires due to flinching, targets will now freeze during the firing sequence when shooting in Free Aim.
  • Haven defenders are now alerted right from the start of the mission.
  • Enemies in Ambush missions are now alerted from the start.
  • Improved collisions to fix several issues related to cover and shooting on Synedrion and New Jericho maps.Geoscape
  • Each soldier in the game now has precisely three perks. Re-balance of the diplomacy rewards for Citadels, Lairs, and Nests missions:
    • Citadels: from 15 to 12.
    • Lairs: from 10 to 8.
    • Nests: from five to four.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues that caused the game to be stuck:
    • During an enemy turn due to an enemy unit falling into the terrain.
    • When spawning an Umbra and the floor beneath it is destroyed.
    • When attempting to aim with the Danchev MG.
    • When a soldier with a MasterMarksman ability dies in a fire.
    • When using a Controller and entering the diplomacy screen while only one faction is discovered with no mission to offer.
    • During an enemy turn after a Zeus/EMP grenade is thrown at an Armadillo.
    • When clicking to activate the RageBurst ability from the UI, while the cursor is outside the map bounds.
  • Other fixes include the following:
    • Fixed a very rare issue with loading a save game on the Schism story mission related to the Exalted.
    • Fixed an issue with the collisions on the curved parts of the Synedrion buildings.
    • Fixed an issue causing Sophia's message at the end of tutorial missions 2 and 3 to appear twice.
    • Fixed an issue causing a Fishman/Triton to take too much time to perform its turn.
    • Fixed an issue causing Vehicles to be stuck after a collision with Synedrion buildings.
    • Fixed an issue causing continued mind control of a unit even after the unit doing the mind control is evacuated.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the start of the Disciples of Anu Second Initiation mission.
    • Fixed an issue with Boom Blast making Reload Ability cost zero for Explosive weapons.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the PP Tech Remote Control ability to work on allied turrets.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the opening of character info while the PX Combat Shield is equipped.
    • Fixed a couple of UI issues with the indication of the selected target.
    • Fixed an issue where some units don’t evacuate properly.
    • Fixed the animation of the technician's hand to resolve a collision issue between the hand and the PX PDW weapon.
    • Fixed an issue where a soldier can be recruited when the aircraft isn’t near to the haven.
    • Fixed an issue preventing deleting saves in the game.
    • Fixed several navigational and deployment issues.

You can read more about the update here.

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