Phoenix Point Developer Reports A 191 Percent Return Thanks To Epic Exclusivity

Snapshot Games report a 91 percent return of investment even before the game launched.
Phoenix Point was crowdfunded on Fig, which allows its backers to also become investors.
Phoenix Point was crowdfunded on Fig, which allows its backers to also become investors. Snapshot Games

While developer Snapshot Games’ newest project, Phoenix Point, isn’t due to be released until September of this year, the game has already earned nearly double its development costs.

All of this information is gleaned through emails sent to Fig backers, of which a copy has been shared on the gaming forum ResetEra. Fig, of course, is a crowdfunding site much like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the only difference being that it allows the backers to also be investors on projects such as Phoenix Point and other independent titles.

The document shared on the forum goes on to tell that holders of Fig Game Shares on Phoenix Point has “already accrued a 191 percent return” – that is to say that it already made a 91 percent return on investment to all the backers that opted to invest in it.

These figures are not surprising, seeing as Phoenix Point was one of the titles announced for exclusivity with the Epic Games Store. This move saw developer and publisher Snapshot Games take 88 percent of the total sales in exchange for exclusivity on the platform, rather than the 70 percent, which is offered by the competing Steam managed and owned by Valve. Fig has stated in the report that this agreement with Epic Games has “brought in significant resources” for Snapshot Games, which will ultimately benefit the backers as well.

"Since the received cash advance contributes to the game's revenue, it will be shared with investors as per our licensing agreement with Snapshot," the email continues. "Additionally, investment returns will continue to accrue with sales of the game."

While the finer details of the Epic-Snapshot deal are being kept under wraps, forum user Remachinate, who originally shared the email, attempted to calculate the exclusivity deal by himself using the included financial documents for Snapshot. He came up with a figure around $2.25 million, but this is more of a speculation rather than an actual number, and is yet to be seen if accurate or not.

The entirety of Epic and its exclusivity deals have been somewhat met with polarizing reception. The co-founder of Snapshot Games, Julian Gollop, has since defended his decision to make the game an exclusive after numerous complaints from backers, especially those who expected to get it on Steam. The game will be released on Valve’s platform eventually, although the original decision has since soured some of the backers.

Phoenix Point is set to release this September on the Epic Games Store for PC, macOS and the Xbox One. A Steam release is expected in the future, with no release date specified.

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