Phasmophobia Update v0.8.1.0 Adds Insanity Difficulty and Changes Rewards for Custom Difficulty

Phasmophobia: Tempest
Phasmophobia: Tempest Twitter/@KineticGame

Masochist gamers who love to play games on harder difficulties will be happy to know about the latest update for Phasmophobia. Update v0.8.1.0 went live a few hours ago and it brings some highly demanded features including the Insanity difficulty. A challenge mode that rotates difficulties every week has also been introduced.

Challenge Mode

A new weekly rotational difficulty has been added. Each week, a different challenge will be available offering unique modes ranging from Intermediate to Insanity and beyond.

  • 26 challenges have been added.
  • A challenge-specific loadout will be provided automatically, for free.
  • Completing the challenge 3 times on the specified map will grant a large money and XP bonus.
  • Each challenge will be available twice a year.
  • You will lose nothing if you fail or die.

The shop received some tweaks as well. An “all equipment” loadout button is added, while Shop and Storage are recreated. The loadout now features an “auto-add” tick, which will add it when the player joins a lobby.

New Features

  • Strange symbols have been spotted in the warehouse, what could they mean? Get searching for an answer!
  • Crucifix uses will now have new textures, effects and sounds when used.
  • Updated all UV shaders! UV effects will now be much more accurate and work when shining another light over the UV light. Additionally, UV effects will now fade out over time, instead of disappearing instantly.
  • “The Tower” Tarot Card will now additionally double all ghost activity for 20s.
  • Weather particles lighting have been improved and now work with the sky light, helping them look more realistic (no more ashy black snow!)
  • All windows will now have new raindrop effects on them if it's raining, and additional sounds in all maps similar to Tanglewood’s.
  • Several foliage objects will now be affected by windy weather outside.
  • You will now receive an in-game message when a new game update is available to download.
  • A Broken Fuse Box’s sparks now bounce on nearby objects instead of clipping through them.

The developer also revealed details about the upcoming Update v0.9.0, also known as Progression Part 1. This patch will bring a new leveling system and do a system wipe for players’ levels, money, and equipment. However, players who played the game before the wipe will be fast-tracked to Prestige 1, level 0. More information about it will be revealed later. The complete patch notes of Phasmophobia Update v0.8.1.0 are available on Steam.

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