Icarus Week 64 Update: Salt, Salt Station, and Deep Freeze Recipe

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The latest weekly update of Icarus is now live and it brings new content along with dozens of bug fixes. Week 64 update adds a new mineable mineral called Salt. Players can use the said resource to preserve their food items for twice as long. It can be found near the sides of mountains and cliffs, but players will need to use the Salt Station to use salt for food preservation.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

New Content
  • Adding Salt item and setup
  • Adding Salting Station setup, Talent, Recipe and Functionality
  • Adding “Salted” Alteration which increases spoil time by 200% (subject to change)
  • Adding salting meat crafted audio and event and data table entry
  • Added DEP_Bench_Kitchen_Salting
  • Small increase in volume to salt bench craft audio
  • Fixed Salting Bench DM not referencing materials correctly
  • Add Salting Station icon
  • Remove Salt from Salting Bench recipe
  • Fixed Salting Bench meshable entry not referencing Deployable context
  • Fixed weight on Salting Bench itemable
  • Fixed conifer outside salt spawn weight
  • Test Salt Commit
  • Reduced amount of food preserved per piece of salt to 1 per from 5 per.
  • Lowered spoil time reduction on preserved items to 2x from 3x.
  • Halved the frequency of salt in the world
  • Set Salt Station to Core
  • Added salt icon to itemable datatable
  • Updating Inventory Item Widget to fix spoilage time
  • The “Salted” Alteration is now Called “Preserved”
  • Adding Deep Freeze
  • Added Deep Freeze icon to Itemable table
  • Added text for Deep Freeze item
  • Fixing Deep Freeze Talent
  • Fix several dropship spawners being located too close to trees on Olympus and Styx
  • Added tool to detect and select dropships with trees too close
  • Increased stack size of pickled carrots to match other items stored in glass jars
  • Fixed bug where ores regenerated using thumper weren't requiring the correct tier of pickaxe to be mined
  • Fixed hang when incorrect password is entered when joining a server

The complete patch notes, which also included upcoming content, are available on Steam.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Icarus recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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