See What’s Coming in Patch 5.5 of Final Fantasy 14 Online

Prepare for new content arriving soon.
Prepare for new content arriving soon. Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Online revealed the details of its upcoming Patch 5.5. Titled “Death Unto Dawn,” everyone will be introduced to Endwalker, the game’s fourth expansion. The update is divided into two parts with the first one coming out on April 13.

Here are some of the features players can expect with the upcoming patch:

  • New Main Scenario Quests
    • It seems that peace may be at an end as Fandaniel and the Telophoroi are planning to recreate the Final Days. The question is will the Scions uncover everything before it’s too late?
  • ​New Alliance Raid: The Tower at Paradigm's Breach
    • This is the third chapter of the NieR-inspired YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid series.
  • ​“Sorrow of Werlyt” Questline Finale
    • The Diamond Weapon serves as the culmination of countless sacrifices and even untold suffering. What’s going to happen when the ultimate victory of the VIIth Legion's monstrous Weapon project arrives on Werlyt?
  • ​New Trial: The Cloud Deck
    • Players get to face off against the fearsome Diamond Weapon, which is open in Normal and Extreme difficulties.
  • ​New Dungeon: Paglth'an
    • Players can take on this new story dungeon with fellow adventurers or a party of non-player characters.
  • ​“Save the Queen” Questline Update
    • This newest update offers a new field area known as Zadnor.
  • ​New Unreal Trial
    • The Leviathan returns from A Realm Reborn to challenge level 80 heroes.
  • Crafter Updates
    • High-level crafters can expect new content where they can earn special achievements and unique crafting tools.
  • Ishgard Restoration Update
    • As a new age arrives in Ishgard, various luminaries from across Eorzea have been invited to the Firmament to be part of the ceremony that celebrates this occasion. Players can get rewards by taking part in gatherer- and crafter-focused events.
  • ​ “Explorer Mode'' Update
    • ​The Explorer Mode feature will be expanded to include level 70 dungeons.

New Announcements

In a post, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the game now has 22 million registered players. He shared as well that the PS5 version of the game is launching into open beta at the same time the new patch arrives. Features include frame rate improvements, faster load times, and 4K resolution support, among many others.

Square Enix also announced that new information about the Endwalker expansion is scheduled to be revealed during the Digital Fan Festival on May 14 to 15. Learn more about it here.

What do you think? Excited about the new patch?

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