Final Fantasy 14 Online Bans Over 5,000 Players Due to RMT

Accounts terminated.
Accounts terminated. Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Online announced that it had banned thousands of players due to participating in real-money trading activities or RMT. According to developer Square Enix, RMT is one of the activities that aren’t allowed mainly because it creates an imbalance in the game. The developer's action is both a result and confirmation that some players are indeed taking part in such illegal activities.

Basically, RMT is what it sounds like - exchanging virtual goods with real money. This includes in-game currency and even some services. Take note that this is different from pay-to-win or P2W game mechanics. RMT typically involves unallowed transactions between users, while P2W generally means transactions between games and players, for example, microtransactions.

Going back to the ban, the period was from February 25 to March 3. The details were:

  • Participation in RMT/prohibited activities
    • Accounts terminated: 5,037
  • RMT advertising
    • Accounts terminated: 814

How to Report

Square Enix reminded players in a post that if they discover any cheats, they should immediately report them. This can be done by going to the System Menu > Support Desk > Contact Us > Report Cheating.

Plus, players who notice any RMT advertisement should also report it by right-clicking on the name of the character in the chat log and then choose:

  • Report
  • Report RMT Activity

Reports are immediately processed and if determined to be RMT advertising, the character’s comments will be restricted. Square Enix added that they’ll continue to place strict disciplinary action against any accounts that are found to be involved with RMT or any other illicit activity.

Moogie Treasure Trove

Starting March 15, the game is bringing back the Moogie Treasure Trove and this one is titled "The Hunt for Esoterics."

The event flow is straightforward. First players need to challenge the objectives. After that, they collect irregular tombstones and then exchange them for itinerant Moogies. Rinse and repeat. The objectives are generally divided into how many Irregular Tomestones of Esoterics. The Praetorium, for instance, hands out 10 such Tomestones while both Orbonne Monastery and Castrum Meridianum give seven Tomestones each.

The top item up for grabs is the Namazu Earring, which costs 100 Tomestones.

Read more about the event here.

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