Overwatch Guide: Tips For Playing Genji

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Genji requires some skills in order to make him effective on the battlefield.
Genji requires some skills in order to make him effective on the battlefield. Blizzard

For most Overwatch players, they will be quick to acknowledge that Genji is one of the most popular heroes in the game. The cyber-ninja is without a doubt a fan favorite hero, especially with how rewarding he is. With his diverse skill set, you can easily jump from one building to another and hack and slash your way through the game.

If you have been trying to improve your Genji skills, then you have come to the right place. Here are some no-brainer tips on how to play him best.

Understand Your Surroundings

The most interesting part of playing Genji is being able to use the surroundings to your advantage. Buildings and vehicles can be used as your arsenal, providing you with different ways to take out targets and defend yourself. Apparently, though, Genji’s effectiveness on the battlefield depends on how you use him as an offensive machine. This is where you want to know and understand your surroundings. By being able to recognize points of interest on a certain map, you can quickly strike enemies without them knowing.

Stay Close To Your Team

Sure, Genji is capable of moving from point A to point B, but he is among those Overwatch heroes with low health points. A quick damage from Reinhardt is enough to bring Genji's health to half. As such, it is best to stay close to your team no matter the circumstances. That way, your support heroes can quickly come to heal you. Even more so, by staying close to them, you will not risk the possibility of getting your support allies killed.

Be Patient

For some players, Genji should be played in an aggressive manner. Well, hate to burst their bubbles, but that is not true. The cyber-ninja should be played smartly. You should know when to use your Swift Strike, or how far you should stay close in order to put an enemy down. You should know when the right time to unleash Genji's ultimate is; otherwise, you will only be wasting it. By being patient, you can calculate how effective his strikes will be, let alone determine whether your next strike could bring an enemy down or not.

Know Your Counter

Genji has a lot of counters in Overwatch, with Winston being the most popular one. The thing with Winston is that his primary fire does not have to be targeted. Just by pressing the right-click button, it instantly hits anyone in front of Winston. If you are playing Genji, you better hope that your Swift Strike is available so you can steer clear from Winston. And mind you, Genji's Deflect skill is useless here since you cannot really “deflect” Winston’s electrocution.

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Overwatch doesn't care if you've ever tried an FPS before, it holds your hands and makes you feel okay while you shoot rocket launchers, icicles and sound waves.
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