Overwatch On Switch Isn't A Definitive Experience

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Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer a definitive experience when played on the hybrid console.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer a definitive experience when played on the hybrid console. Blizzard

Overwatch is best known for its unique character designs and team play, both of which are essential elements in making the game successful. Since its release in 2016, Blizzard’s popular first-person online shooter has obtained legendary status.

Given the fact that the game comes with a colorful pool of heroes, excellent combat, and interesting lore, it really seems to be an obvious fit for the Nintendo Switch. Besides, Blizzard has been hoping for this day to arrive since day one.

Unfortunately, Overwatch Switch is not the definitive experience, especially when compared to the approach Doom or The Witcher 3 brings to the game. At first, you may think that the hero shooter is the kind of game you would expect to require a few tweaks to run in order to stay on top of the hybrid console. Apparently, it is successful at hitting 900p resolution when docked. However, this does not steer clear from offering some noticeable tradeoffs, such as the halved framerate at 30fps.

For some Overwatch matches, you can see that character models take a bit longer to load. As a result, everyone seems to appear as just orange orbs for anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. Fortunately, though, this only happens during the skirmishes when players wait for the real match to get started.

As far as the TV mode is concerned, Overwatch for Switch is without a doubt losing to other platforms thanks to its reduced framerate and resolution. In addition, if you have already sunken hours into the game in the past, Blizzard has yet to find a way to transfer or synchronize progression. In other words, you have to undergo the burden of starting back at page one in order to unlock all of the hundreds of cosmetics via the game’s loot box system.

Given all of this, it is safe to assume that Overwatch for Switch does not offer the much-needed definitive experience. It is pretty similar to last year’s Diablo III Eternal Collection. Still, it cannot be denied that the console is another great platform to play one of the best first-person shooter titles from this generation.

'Overwatch' May Not Be Perfect, But It's Damn Near Close
Overwatch doesn't care if you've ever tried an FPS before, it holds your hands and makes you feel okay while you shoot rocket launchers, icicles and sound waves.
  • Amazing Art Style
  • Balanced Mechanics
  • Characters Keep You Coming Back For More
  • No Single Player
  • Overwhelming At First
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