Overlord Arrives On The Switch With Picross Lord Of The Nazarick

Picross and Overlord? Looks interesting.
Picross and Overlord? Looks interesting. Jupiter

Anime and puzzle fans are in for a treat as a game is set to be released that looks to be a crossover of both. Picross developer Jupiter is releasing a new version of the puzzle dubbed Picross Lord of the Nazarick. This Picross version is based on the hit manga series Overlord. That's not all, as the game is apparently arriving to the Switch, through the Japanese eShop, on July 25.

For those not familiar, a picross is also known as nonograms. These are picture logic puzzles wherein cells in a grid either must be colored of left blank based on the number placed to the side of the grid. For example the number "3 5 2" means that there are sets of three, five, and two filled squares, in the order, with at least one blank square in between these successive group. Once finished, the puzzle should reveal a hidden picture.

Picross Lord of the Nazarick follows the story of the Nation of Darkness. This is the time where Ainz Ooal Gown and his subordinates look back to all that they have done so far. Players can solve picross puzzles and be rewarded with characters and key items that follow the story.

Picross Lord of the Nazarick offers a total of 519 puzzles ranging across Picross, Mega Picross, Clip Picross, and even Color Picross. The game comes with a gallery where the images that come from the solved picross and color picross problems are featured. The gallery even includes some images that can be unlocked by meeting certain objectives.

So far, screenshots of the game show the dialogue in Japanese and there is no announcement if a localized version is going to be released. However, the game is going to be accessible through the eShop and costs somewhere around $10.

Overlord is part of the isekai genre. This is where a normal person, generally from Earth, is transported into a parallel universe, in most cases in a MMORPG. There have been a number of isekai series, but it was .hack and Sword Art Online that helped the genre start to gain a mainstream following.

In Overlord, our hero plays a character named Momonga in a game called Yggdrasil. As the game is about to be shut down, he invites his guildmates for one last gathering, but is the only one that actually logs-in. When shut-down arrives, Momonga realizes that Yggdrasil hasn't vanished, and that he is trapped in this new game in the form of his game avatar. He takes on the new name Ainz ooal Gown while trying to explore the world and see if other players have been trapped. An anime version was initially released back in July 7, 2017, with the third season ending in October last year.

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