North American Android Players Like the Gacha Life: Report

Ready for some casual gaming.
Ready for some casual gaming. Lunime

Uptodown released its first-ever report on video game downloads for Android, and it revealed something interesting. The report showed a surprise about mobile games in North America.

That’s because the game is in a genre that people probably won't associate with the region. It turns out that Android players in North America prefer casual gaming and it’s none other than Gacha Life. This is a game where players get to come up with their very own anime-like characters and then interact with them through various settings and mini-games. Throughout the game, players level up as they progress and then get access to new features.

According to the report, it’s estimated that around 2.6 million people in the US downloaded the game last year.

In a press statement, CEO Luis Hernández shared that their goal has been to collaborate with users and the developers to come up with data and information that both parties can use.

So how did the other regions fare? In Latin America, it’s a battle royale game but not one that you think. It’s known as Free Fire and the main reason for its popularity in this region is because it’s been optimized to be played for mobile devices. Besides, there’s little need when it comes to technical requirements. The report did mention too that it’s the world’s fifth-most downloaded game.

Moving across the ocean, a well-known battle royale game is the most popular for people in Europe, and it's none other than Fortnite. For Asia, yet another game in the battle royale genre and it's PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is a hit, especially in India, mainly because of its Lite version that supports mid-range devices. However, that could change this year after PUBG Mobile got banned in the country in late 2020 with no word as to when it’s returning. By the way, PUBG Mobile is also the top game in Africa.

There are regions where Supercell’s games are king. In Oceania, for example, the top downloaded game is Clash of Clans. Meanwhile, in Russia and Turkey, it’s Brawl Stars which has gotten 5 million downloads.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the report?

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