Bless Mobile Now Accepting Pre-registrations for Android and iOS

Don't wait and get it now.
Don't wait and get it now. JOYCITY

Bless Mobile announced that it is now accepting pre-registration to players from around the world. Both Android and iOS players who pre-register will get $50 worth of bonus items as a welcome gift once the game officially launches. The game was first released on PC and during the early access phase of the mobile version, it had received a good response not only from original PC players but even newbies.

The game tells the story of Hieron and Unión and their decade-long war. The mobile version makes use of the most current Unreal Engine 4 to bring RPG adventure and battles right to the player’s fingertips. Bless Mobile gives players the chance to choose four unique races and five playable classes, the latter of which are:

  • Berserker
    • A two-handed ax-wielding melee class that focuses on attack over defense or evasion.
  • Guardian
    • A melee class with a one-handed sword and shield.
    • This class has high defense stats and specialize in protecting allies.
  • Mage
    • A staff-wielding ranged spell caster that specializes in various magic that can cause damage to enemies.
  • Paladin
    • A close combat hybrid class that has healing skills and high survivability.
    • Can use shields as a weapon.
  • Ranger
    • A ranged class that’s equipped with bow and arrow.
    • This class has long-ranged attacks along with a high critical hit rate.

New players are going to find character creation manageable. After all, there’s the easy-to-use UI that offers in-depth or relatively extensive preset customization options to choose from.

While Bless Mobile is indeed an RPG, its combat system doesn’t make use of the typical point-and-click interface. Instead, it has what’s known as a dynamic and direction-based combat system. What happens is that the attack range of the player is determined by both the weapon type and the range of motion. Wherever the weapon is pointed, the hitbox follows. Meanwhile, the skills can impact combat and actually pays homage to what keeps hack-and-slash games fun.

Players can also look forward to fighting monsters and bosses in diverse and dynamic encounters.

Once the game is officially launched, everyone can expect a lot of content, massive open fields, and dungeons that players can go solo or with a party. Fighting isn’t the only thing in Bless Mobile as there are different in-game activities like collecting, mining, and fishing. There’s also going to be a PvP mode that offers real-time content, which is clearly fun for guilds and competitive players.

You can get the game on Google Play and the App Store.

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