Noble Fates: Latest Update Makes Fundamental Changes to Some Game Mechanics

Update Xobermon

Update for Noble Fates is now available on Steam. Aside from dwarves, this patch implemented a ton of changes to the game.

First of all, the skill leveling system has been reworked in that a mortal's job potential now influences unrelated skill XP gain. This leads to more predictable growth patterns centered on the things that they're actually doing, yielding to somewhat well-rounded mortals. For example, dwarves are proficient in mining but are not good at nursing. With the new system, you can assign dwarves to do nursing jobs and they would still get some progress in mining.

Because temperature now plays a major role in Noble Fates, developers also added a bunch of new injuries that mortals may experience when subjected to extreme conditions, such as hypothermia, heatstroke, and frostbite.

Here are the other changes in Update


  • Introduce Temperature Simulation
  • Expose Depth and its effects on Temperature
  • Expose Insulation and its effects on Temperature
  • Add Temperature Visibility Option


  • Added Temperature Need
  • Added Warmth (Temperature added by gear)
  • Added Mobility (Replaces Move Speed)
  • Added Dexterity (Replaces Attack Rate) - frequency of action)
  • Added Reasoning (Frequency of thought and research speed)
  • Mortals refuse to sleep in places that will cause Hypothermia or Heatstroke
  • Auto Pack certain gear when too hot (Cap, Outer, Hands)
  • Mortals will now enter maps reasonably satisfied (Food, Sleep, Relaxation)


  • Comfort is now Relaxation
  • Rework choice of spot to relax
  • Remove Temperature's effect
  • Remove Esteem's effect
  • Decrease effect of Working
  • Show actions that have affected Relaxation over the last 24 hours on Tooltip


  • Visitors are intimidated by Extreme Weather and will leave
  • Visitors will no longer Rent Lodging with insufficient Temperature
  • Visitors will leave if they can't sleep

Mortal Introduction

  • New Recruits are now limited by Ruler's Racial Preference
  • New Recruits now better align with their ruler's Alignment
  • Mortals are now limited to 8 strong (love/hate) opinions when introduced

Rules Principles

  • Kingdoms are now more Aligned around their Ruler's Principles and Aggressive in their pursuit
  • Add Tribal Ruler Principles that limit the Race of their Nobility
  • Strengthen Positive and Negative Racial Opinions from Principles
  • Refresh Attraction, Valuation, and Opinions when a Mortal becomes a Ruler


  • Rework Injury Generation
  • Rework Injury Treatment
  • Rework Vitals Tab
  • Added Minor Injuries
  • Added Mild Injuries
  • Added Major Injuries
  • Added Maimed Injuries
  • Added Blessed Injuries
  • Separated treatment of Injuries from Wounds
  • Untreated or Poorly Treated Injuries can lead to permanent Injury


  • Automatically Speak about things related to Ruler compatibility more often
  • They Repeat the same information more frequently
  • This should further reduce the amount of speaking to people your ruler needs to do

Noble Fates Update is available on PC.

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