Noble Fates: “The Bandit Update” Features Bandits, New Quest System, and Steam Workshop Support

The Bandit Update
The Bandit Update Twitter/@noblefates

The second content update for the kingdom simulation game Noble Fates is here. The Bandit update features bandits, a new quest system, and support for mods via the Steam Workshop.

Bandits have found a way to earn money by robbing and stealing from the inhabitants of Noberia. They will steal anything they can get their hands on and it is up to you how you’re going to deal with them. You can either pay them a sum to stop bothering your kingdom or drive them away so that they will never return again.

There’s also a new quest system where you will see an exclamation point above your inhabitants’ heads. The mortals accosted by bandits may seek your help in recovering their belongings.

The game now supports the Steam Workshop as well. You can use the workshop to browse and subscribe to your favorite mods directly from the Steam client. Moreover, you can upload or update your mods via the new in-game mod management interface.

Update Highlights

  • Add support for planning buildings and settlements
  • Add support for planning stockpiles
  • Add support for NPC owned loose items
  • Hide blueprints for NPC Factions
  • Hide stockpiles for NPC factions
  • Improve belonging abandonment when leaving the map
  • Parties can become Bandits
  • Add Bandit Disguises
  • Add support for taxing Bandits
  • Add support for evicting Bandits
  • Add support for buying out Bandits
  • Prevent Bandits from buying food
  • Prevent Bandits from renting rooms
  • Prevent Bandits from helping with kingdom tasks
  • A new type of Ranged Secondary Weapon
  • Higher velocity projectiles than Short Bows
  • Slower firing rate than Short Bows
  • Allows NPC groups to organize into activities
  • Add Build Scheme
  • Add Rob Scheme
  • Add Steal Scheme
  • Add Forage Scheme
  • Add Fight Schemes
  • Add Quest system (called missions in code)
  • Add support for Quest markers
  • Add support for Quest conversations
  • Add Recover Belongings Quest
  • New tier of Structural Props
  • Switch Guided Experience to Ramshackle Props
  • Weaker than Wood tier
  • Built faster than Wood tier
  • Require less resources than Wood tier
  • Add Mod Management Menu
  • Add support for Steam Workshop
  • Add support for ordering mods in-game
  • Track which Mods are used within a given save game
  • Warn when loading with a different set of Mods loaded
  • Enable Steam Cloud Saves
  • Add support for items being stolen
  • Add support for items being referenced by quests

Noble Fates The Bandit update is now available on PC.

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