Noble Fates: Players Can Embark on New Adventures in Latest Update

Adventure Update
Adventure Update Twitter/@noblefates

The kingdom management sim Noble Fates got a pretty hefty patch filled with tons of new content, including adventures, crimes, and a new way to “block” enemy attacks. The aptly named Adventure Update is now available on Steam.


Players of Noble Fates are treated with new content called Adventures. To embark on an adventure, a group full of nobles or a dispatch party must be assembled. Each member of the group must take at least one Travel Meal, which is a new recipe that can be crafted at the Stove.

There are four different types of Adventures, namely, evicting a party of rebels, rescuing a group of nobles, defending a village from attackers, and tracking down and attacking criminals.

New Defensive Gear

Shields have also been introduced in the Adventure Update. This new secondary piece of gear adds a small improvement to the player’s armor, at the cost of reduced movement speed and attack rate.

What’s great about shields is that players can now block incoming attacks, including monster and animal strikes, as well as incoming arrows. All they have to do is to hold right-click when controlling their Ruler.


Mortals can now commit crimes in Noble Fates and players can track down and capture criminals. Once they are caught, players will have a choice to imprison or have them killed.

There are certain things that criminals can do to retire from crime. For instance, a criminal is no longer considered one if they are promoted to noble status or higher.

Here are the other highlights of the Adventure Update:

  • Each Kingdom is granted a Magical Messenger Hawk by the God of Diplomacy
  • These Messengers carry Petitions and Items between the Kingdoms
Messenger Perches
  • Build Messenger Perches to receive Messengers
  • Number of petitions is limited by your Kingdom Size and number of Perches
  • The new Petitions tab shows the Petitions you have received
  • Interact with and resolve them as you see fit
  • Archive them when done with one
  • Petitions have rewards and consequences in the form of Esteem, Loot, and even War or Peace
  • Petition Types:
    • Adventure
    • Demand
    • Gift
  • The gods have decreed that things don't decay while you're away
  • Difficulty relative to your Kingdom's strength - offering relevant challenges
  • Treasure Chests: Crack any treasure chests you find for some extra loot
Fine Stone Structures
  • Builders and Crafters have teamed up to invent Stone Blocks
  • Stone Cutting Table
    • Requires Building Level 10
  • Stone Blocks
    • Require Crafting Level 8
    • Made from 2 Stone
    • Use these Stone Blocks to build Fine Stone Structures
  • Complete Building Set including Walls, Doors, Floors, Roofs, Doors, and Columns
  • Introducing Decorative Add-ons - Arches, Supports, Spires, and Metal to make your castle your own
  • Cost roughly the same amount of raw stone as the original Stone Structures

Noble Fates Adventure Update is available on PC.

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