No More Heroes Games Getting Modern Platform Ports

Only for the PlayStation 4, though.
Travis Touchdown is coming back.
Travis Touchdown is coming back. Grasshopper Manufacture

With the announcement of No More Heroes III during Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation earlier this year, there has been a lot of renewed interest in the franchise which has, for the most part, only been made available on Nintendo consoles. The first game in the series is the only one that saw release outside of the Wii, being ported to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. PC and PlayStation 4 will get the spinoff Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes later this year, but for the most part the two original titles have remained out of reach for modern consoles.

That may be about to change though, as an interview with Goichi “Suda51” Suda, creator of the No More Heroes series and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, revealed that there are talks happening with regards to the release of previous titles in the series on the PlayStation 4. Check out the tidbit below, courtesy of Dengeki PlayStation (credits to Gematsu for the translated version).

DP: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the first No More Heroes game on a PlayStation platform since No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. Are there any plans to make previous entries playable on PlayStation 4?

Suda : Yes. We’re currently in talks with Marvelous to make that happen. It’s in positive consideration, so I hope we’ll be able to make a good announcement.

This is very good news for fans of the series who want to play the two mainline titles – No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle – on a modern console like the PlayStation 4. I’m still hoping for a PC or Switch version in the future, though.

Suda51 was also queried about exclusives for the PlayStation 4 version of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and he revealed that fans will have something to look forward to in that department.

DP: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say for fans looking forward to the PlayStation 4 version of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes?

Suda : The PlayStation 4 version is the Complete Edition with all the downloadable content included. There will also be original collaboration t-shirts exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version, so be sure to play it!

Sweet. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be released for the PC and PlayStation 4 on October 17. No More Heroes III, on the other hand, will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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