New World: Players Now Earn More PvP XP and Azoth Salt in Update 1.5.1

Update 1.5.1
Update 1.5.1 Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios really wants players to engage in PvP on New World more often. That’s why developers released a new update to hopefully bring the changes needed to make that a reality.

One of the most noteworthy changes in Update 1.5.1 is that players now earn more PvP XP and Azoth Salt when doing Outpost Rush (OPR) and arenas. The cap is set at 40 matches or about three hours of daily PvP arena matches. Once reached, players will then be awarded only 25% of the original Azoth Salt and XP rewards. So, what does this mean? It means that this change will likely entice more people to engage in PvP combat. Moreover, those who already love doing OPRs and arenas will be optimally rewarded for the first three hours daily.

Azoth Salt, for those who don’t know, is a new currency in New World. This can be used to purchase rewards that are available once specific PvP experience thresholds are reached.

Update 1.5.1 also brings other changes and bug fixes, which can be read below:

  • Umbral Shards, Gems, and Repair Kits can no longer be dragged directly from Storage onto equipped items. This should prevent instances where upgrading shows you the wrong amount of available shards
  • Faction control point crafting yield bonuses will now compound additively — instead of multiplicatively — with yield bonuses from tradeskill armor/levels
  • Improved tier 3 aptitude rewards for the furnishing tradeskill
  • Fixed an issue causing certain moving or homing attacks to become stuck in place (for example, Isabella's Corruption Fissures, Caretaker's Swarm, Plague Ghost's Disease Cloud)
  • Improved audio performance on min spec devices
  • Blunderbuss: Fixed an issue that caused normal shots to deal no damage for a short time after using an ability
  • Ice Gauntlet - Entombed: Fixed an issue where this ability did not receive the correct healing reduction in Arenas
  • Bow: Fixed an issue that caused charged bow shots to have reduced accuracy
  • Increased the amount of coin in each of the coin packs received from the PvP Rewards Track
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to circumvent damage from the Arena’s Ring of Fire by using certain abilities
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Scoreboard (default: N key) during a PvP Game Mode would kick the player out of the match which would also result in a Leaver Penalty

New World Update 1.5.1 is available on PC.

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