New World: April PTR Brings Tuning and Quality of Life Changes

April PTR
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The April PTR update for New World will be available soon. This update does not offer any new content but brings massive improvements and quality-of-life changes. It will be ready at 1 p.m. EST for you to try.

Rafflebones is an enemy that you can find wandering around Aeternum. While he doesn’t attack, he does try to escape from you. If you manage to kill him, he will drop amazing loot, such as a named weapon, Obsidian Gypsum, and some Umbral Shards. In the April PTR update, Rafflebones will only spawn at level 66 in zones that go 60+. This is to allow you to get weapons that can be upgraded.

For some quest tuning, the darkness veils located in starting zones have their HP reduced significantly. Besides that, the Covenant Initiation quest in Windsward has been updated to ensure that you are tasked to collect only the right items.

In terms of quality-of-life changes, one massive improvement is that you can now drop multiple items during a single inventory session while moving. Furthermore, the tax information has been removed when entering a town, thus decluttering the user interface.

Patch Highlights

Notable Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen was being dismissed prematurely — while the world was still loading in — when fast traveling to an owned homestead
  • NPC Gregory Jones is no longer standing inside a barrel in an upgraded Trading Post in Everfall settlement
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to body block certain expedition bosses, preventing them from transitioning to a new phase
  • Fixes bugs dealing with users disconnecting or leaving dungeons in the middle of the boss fight, causing dungeon bosses not to reset
  • Fixed an issue where buffered attack inputs would not be cleared by weapon swapping if pressed at the end of an attack
  • Fixed an issue where status effects applied by equipping weapons could become permanently stuck when traversing across regional boundaries
  • Fixed an issue with Great Axe Weapon Perk Insatiable Gravity Well that caused inconsistent activation and no VFX. Removed an unintended 1-second root applied to targets next to the caster when the perk procs
  • Removed Input Buffering when exiting ADS to avoid Hip Fire from unintentionally activating
  • Fixed an occasional character stutter or desync when using the Blunderbuss “Blast Shot” ability
  • Fixed an issue that caused ammo to be consumed incorrectly if the player was using primary fire and abilities at the same time
  • Arenas
    • Fixed an issue where World Arena Bosses would sometimes not aggro non-combatant targets
  • Outpost Rush
    • Fixed an issue where players could aggro friendly Outpost Rush minions with projectile attacks

You can read the full patch notes here.

New World is available on PC.

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