New Pokémon Snap’s Explore the Lental Region Site Now Live

A good way to learn.
A good way to learn. Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap announced that the Explore the Lental Region site is online. The site gives trainers more details about the Lental region as well as the wild Pokémon present in the area. The site offers map spots where players can click and be able to learn more about Pokémon.

Those with a Nintendo Account can also go to the site to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points. These can then be exchanged for different rewards like some upcoming New Pokémon Snap items.

A total of eight locations on the site are accessible to players, with each one offering a special digital photo frame. Once they get these frames, players can then use them to decorate their selfies and share them on their social media accounts. Now, the Lental Region tour doesn’t need to be finished in one session since players can visit the site any time.

Set to be released on April 30, the New Pokémon Snap features islands with untouched nature serving as home to various wild Pokémon. Players will see different landscapes from vast deserts to dense jungles. In the game, players take on the role of a photographer and work with Professor Mirror, the Lental region expert. Working with his assistant Rita, Professor Mirror is conducting an ecological survey to take photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats.

Players should look out for and make sure to capture Pokémon behaviors that have not yet been observed. Any photos are reviewed by Professor Mirror to show just how good the player is when it comes to photography. In addition to coming out with their own Pokémon Photodex, players also need to dig deeper into the mysterious Illumina phenomenon.

The New Pokémon Snap is available at the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch for $59.99. Preorders are still accepted and you can learn more about the game here.

Crossover with Pokémon GO

For those who have Pokémon GO on their mobile phones, they can enjoy an event related to the New Pokémon Snap. The new event starts April 29 and ends May 2. For this event, the mobile game is going to see more Pokémon from the Lental region. Read more about it here.

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