New Fortnite 'Celebration Pack’ PS Plus Exclusive Unveiled Via Tweet

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The PlayStation Greece Twitter account has tweeted that there's a new exclusive ‘Celebration Pack’ in the works.
The PlayStation Greece Twitter account has tweeted that there's a new exclusive ‘Celebration Pack’ in the works. FriendlyMachine

The PlayStation Greece Twitter account has made a very surprising tweet recently. Basically, they revealed an announcement, which appears to be premature, that a new exclusive Fortnite “Celebration Pack” is being developed and will be offered to PS Plus subscribers.

The pack will reportedly come with exclusive cosmetics and offer Sony’s PlayStation customers more rare items featuring the console’s iconic blue color. Keep in mind this is just one of the many things that will be included in the exclusive pack. Many details regarding this pack remain unclear as of this writing, though.

Fortnite players who owns a PS4 console – or at least subscribes to Sony’s PS Plus service – cannot be denied that they have since received periodic exclusive in-game items. This even includes the popular Blue Team Leader and Carbon Commando skins, as well as the Coaxial Blue Glider and Blue Fusion contrail.

According to the tweet (which is now deleted) published by the PlayStation Greece Twitter account, PS Plus subscribers are expected to receive a new weapon wrap, banner, pickaxe, and emote in what appears to be a previously unannounced Celebration Pack. And yes, this will only be exclusive to PS Plus.

Right now, though, none of these items have received an official name yet. Still, they will reportedly feature the iconic PlayStation blue color and the harvesting tool comes with a design that perfectly pairs with the previously unveiled Carbon skin and glider.

There are no other announcements relating to the supposed Celebration Pack, suggesting that the PlayStation Greece account might have just prematurely announced the news. The tweet does not include the official release date of the exclusive pack, but given the arrival of the tweet, it is safe to assume that it is planned for a near future release.

If you are a PS4 owner and subscribed to a PS Plus subscription, then you can get this pack for free. With the fact that this remains to be unofficially announced, changes could still take place. That said, it is better to take this announcement from PlayStation Greece with a grain of salt until something more official is released.

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