Naraka: Bladepoint Justina Gu's Third Skill and Ultimate Now Available in Latest Update

April 14 Update
April 14 Update Twitter/@NARAKATHEGAME

Justina Gu’s third skill and her ultimate ability are now available in the latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint. New Souljades, improvements, and bug fixes are also included.

New Skills

Justina Gu’s last remaining skills have been added. The first is Ice Core: Cold Wave where she calls upon icy energies to temporarily put herself and her allies within an icy aura. During this time, they can resist all physical attacks for three seconds. They can also break their encasement after 1.5 seconds by jumping or dodging.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Allies using focus attacks, skills, and ultimates, or those under binding effects or dizziness cannot be encased in ice. On top of that, Ice Core: Cold Wave cannot be used while Justina is under attack.

Justina’s ultimate ability is called Arctic Wraith: Frostwind. When cast, Justina Gu calls upon the icy energies within her soul to fire sword energy in her aiming direction. An icy fog will be generated on the trail of the projectile shortly after that can freeze enemies that pass through it for eight seconds.


  • [Starfall]: Players will teleport to their target upon activating Grappling Hook again whilst grappling
  • [Poison Splash]: Players will release poisonous gas around them 0.5 seconds after death. Enemies affected will take damage over time
  • [Assault·Smolder]: Burns enemies you hit with melee Grappling Strike, causing damage continuously
  • [Switch·Bow]: Players will pull away and shoot upon switching to Bow during a melee combo
  • [Switch·Cannon]: Players will fire a projectile upon switching to Cannon during a melee combo and knock themselves airborne
  • Added the feature Swap Hero with Ally: In The Herald's Trial, players can request to Swap Hero with Ally on the hero selection page after both have selected their heroes
  • Added Weaponry Chests to the item Radial Menu. Changed the weapon Radial Menu from 8 slots to 4 in The Survival modes to keep it consistent with the Weapon Bag
  • Omni's Nightmare Adjustments
    • Added the Ballista that needs to be unlocked with Dark Tide Coins
    • Added the new Soul Lantern gameplay: A certain number of Rattans are set surrounding each Soul Lantern. Evil-Ents can use Axes to destroy the Soul Lantern and the surrounding related Rattans. After Heroes have repaired the Soul Lantern, those Rattans will appear again and will be updated once all of them are picked up. The status of Soul Lanterns can be distinguished by icon colors on the map: purple ones are broken Soul Lanterns
    • Expanded the default bag capacity to 12 slots. Removed the Bag Upgrades for items at Rift Dealer and Morus' Blessing
    • The armor will be restored to full after heroes are revived

Naraka: Bladepoint April 14 update is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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