Naraka: Bladepoint Introduces the Icy Justina Gu in March 12 Update

New Hero: Justina Gu
New Hero: Justina Gu Steam

Fueled by her vengeance, the icy Justina Gu now offers her blade in Naraka: Bladepoint. There’s also a new game mode where 30 players can participate.

New Hero

Justina Gu is now available in Naraka: Bladepoint. She has ice skills that not only freeze her opponents but also provide her with protection when the situation gets dicey.

Her Ice Core skill, for example, temporarily shields her from incoming attacks by encasing herself within an icy aura. This effect lasts for five seconds, though she can get out of it after 1.5 seconds by dodging.

She can knock enemies back a short distance as well by entering the Arctic Wraith status. During this state, her skill is changed to Shadowswipe for 20 seconds, increasing attack by 5%.

Speaking of which, her Shadowswipe skill freezes her opponents by charging forward, dealing a small amount of damage in the process. Every time she hits an enemy with this, she increases her attack damage by 5% (15% max) while also resetting the duration of Arctic Wraith. Per cast of Arctic Wraith, she gains four dashes that can be used to move toward her targets.

It is important to keep in mind that her third skill variant and ultimate are not yet open at this time. You can unlock them by completing some Cultivation quests once they’re available in future updates.

New Mode

Omni's Nightmare
Omni's Nightmare Steam

Omni’s Nightmare is a 30-man faction asymmetric survival mode where you will fight as part of the Evil-Ents or Heroes.

If you are on the side of the Heroes, your main objective is to light up three Soul Sparks. Alternatively, you can win by completely eliminating all Evil-Ents on the battlefield.

On the other hand, Evil-Ents win when they satisfy any of these conditions:

  • When the countdown ends
  • Not all Soul Sparks are lit
  • No Heroes left on the battlefield

So, what can you get by participating in this new game mode? You’ll earn Dark Tide Coins which can be traded to Rift Dealers for equipment and items. You can read more about Omni’s Nightmare here.

Hero Adjustments

Yoto Hime
  • Increased the attack range of the [Spirit Slash] skill and the demonic blade's flight speed. Optimized the feel of Spirit Slash
  • For [Spirit Slash] and all the variants, the gold Focus skills will no longer be interrupted by gold Focus melee strikes
  • Yin Yang Orbs set by the [Tai Chi Rift] ultimate will no longer be destroyed by enemies. Before the teleporting, enemies cannot see Yin Yang Orbs
  • When casting the ultimate [Tai Chi Rift], Yin Yang Orbs will be marked automatically, in order to inform the party members of the location and distance of the Yin Yang Orbs

Naraka: Bladepoint is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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