Naraka: Bladepoint Ready to Welcome New Hero Feria Shen

Look who's joining the roster.
Look who's joining the roster. 24 Entertainment

A new playable hero for Naraka: Bladepoint is set to arrive on December 22. Get ready to meet the 13th hero of the game, Feria Shen. Rather than swords and sorcery, Feria Shen joins the battle using a more high-tech approach: gunning down opponents and entering the fight with a giant mech called “Trouble.”

That's not the only good news, because once Feria Shen officially debuts, it also means that the game has arrived on Xbox One.

Holiday Fun

During the holiday season, players can look forward to a lot of festive fighting fun. Get ready to experience a "Melee Christmas" with a series of winter events that starts with the Snowy Ruins Challenge. Those able to find the hidden maze location and defeat the Snow Lord get exclusive rewards. Players can also look for the Gingerbread scattered across the battlefield and exchange it for legendary prizes. This challenge runs until January 6.

New Content

New players get the chance to join veterans in the ever-expanding co-op PvE mode. In particular, Showdown Chapter III arrives in January 2023, so players need to prepare since they'll be going against none other than Viper Ning’s own mother.

New Crossover

A new crossover event is coming soon and it's with the NieR game series. During this crossover event, there'll be new content inspired by the characters and weapons of NieR. More details will be revealed at a later date.

New Weapon

A while back, players saw the Shaolin-inspired staff added to the game. In fact, the Pole Staff is coming February 2023, and when it goes live, it’s sure to expand the melee arsenal in the game. Styled after the Chinese God of War Guan Yu, this heavy yet powerful weapon has a legendary Souljade which can summon the mythic steed known as Red Hare.

Naraka: Bladepoint was first released on PC in August 2021, followed by an Xbox Series X/S release in June 2022. A version for Xbox is now available while the one for PlayStation 5 is currently in development.

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