Naraka: Bladepoint Newest Update Makes Certain Fan-favorite Game Modes Unavailable

New Crossover Hero: Ziping Yin
New Crossover Hero: Ziping Yin Steam

Are you a fan of Naraka: Bladepoint’s Bloodsport and Omni’s Nightmare game modes? If so, you might find it disappointing that the most recent update has temporarily disabled these game modes.

For those who don’t know, Bloodsport pays homage to the movie of the same name. This is a melee-only tournament where 16 combatants will battle each other in a 1v1 format. While this mode can be very challenging, it gives you this feeling of accomplishment if you come out on top.

Omni’s Nightmare pits three different factions against each other. This mode has two phases. In the first phase, you’ll only have some ranged weapons at your disposal and your ultimate moves are locked out as well. The second phase opens up more possibilities as you can now use stronger weapons.

Even though Bloodsport and Omni’s Nightmare are not currently available in the latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint, these modes may come back at a later date. But the patch wasn’t released just to freeze these modes because it also brings new content and adjustments, which you can read below.

Patch Notes

Congeneric Weapon System
  • New Weapon: Staff
  • The new weapon "Staff" and "Spear", which you're already familiar with both belong to the category of "Long-handle Weapon", and are called Congeneric Weapons. Though trying to lower the starting difficulty of the new weapon as much as possible, we will still bring you a brand-new combat experience and the fun of the game.
    • Congeneric Strike: Staff has the same horizontal and vertical strike combos as Spear.
    • Congeneric Souljade: [Spear Sap] is renamed as [Long-handle Weapon Sap] and is now a shared Souljade for Staff and Spear together with [Dual Ring].
  • New Item: Crafting Hammer
    • Used to switch Congeneric Weapons
    • Item Effect: players can use it to switch between Congeneric Weapons, while maintaining the same quality and fully restoring the durability.
    • How to obtain: it can be obtained from the Rift Dealer or Morus' Blessing.
  • Yushan Ruins
Enigmatic Rift
  • Interaction with Enigmatic Rift will teleport players to the indicated location, with a CD of 18 sec (independently counted for each player).
  • The location of Enigmatic Rift may vary in different matches, but it can be known when players choose their spawn points.
  • Enigmatic Rift only appears in Yushan Ruins.
  • Ranged Weapons
    • Aiming with the right mouse button was added to all ranged weapons.
  • Longsword
    • Slightly reduced the stagger time caused by launching horizontal strikes while sprinting to enemies on the ground with Longsword.
    • Increased the attack range of crouch horizontal strike with the Longsword.
  • Nunchucks
    • Optimized the motion of vertical charging while sprinting.

So, what do you have to say about Bloodsport and Omni’s Nightmare being temporarily unavailable?

Naraka: Bladepoint November 17 Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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