Myth of Empires: February 11 Update Implements More Watchtower Improvements

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Myth of Empires is a survival sandbox MMO where you must establish and maintain your empire, all while competing with other people worldwide.

Recently, the game received an update that brings additional improvements to watchtowers. First off, the developers have optimized their targeting logic. Second, they now have the option to perform a counterattack. Moreover, they can now be set to attack common buildings and even siege weapons.

This patch has applied some optimizations as well. For instance, a message will appear across servers if an item is removed from the Trading Post, letting you know which server the item is available on.

For bug fixes, the search button found in the “Arts” interface can now be used as intended. Furthermore, the issue where some scenes would fail to load has been resolved.


  • Underage foals can now only be adopted by themselves
  • Adjusted the location of the Alpha Bear instance entrance
  • Reduced the collision range of the Guild Depot
  • Optimized location from which horses are taken out of the stable
  • Adjusted the interval between moving and stopping sound effects while mounted
  • Money Tree is now guaranteed to drop 3 Tangyuan and 1 Lantern or Fu decoration
  • Extended incense burn duration and effective range of Censers and Cart-mounted Censers
  • Some hanging structures now cannot be placed within range of enemy buildings
  • Shields can now block watchtower arrows
  • When the player dies, their warriors will no longer get EXP and proficiency multiplier bonuses
  • Optimized expiration time notice when the account is restricted from logging in
  • Fixed bug that prevented Art of Strategy: Conqueror’s Ambition from taking effect
  • Fixed log error that would occur when items were stored or withdrawn
  • Fixed bug in which crossbow effect Critical Strikes II would not match what actually happened
  • Fixed bug in which the voice of warriors did not decay over distance after a command was issued
  • Fixed bug that prevented player characters from not automatically eating Tangyuan when AFK
  • Fixed bug in which Merchants Product respawn time would be delayed by several minutes every day
  • Fixed bug where targets would occasionally take damage multiple times on spike floors
  • Fixed bug that would cause some buildings to float
  • Fixed bug in which a warrior’s items would be lost upon the warrior’s death

Myth of Empires February 11 update is available on PC.

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