Myth of Empires: December 29 Update Made Adjustments to Watchtowers

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A new update for Myth of Empires has been deployed. This update implemented adjustments to watchtowers and bug fixes.

If you plan to leave your guild for whatever reason, your Territory Banner will be dismantled. However, you still keep your other personal buildings. Just remember that they’re subject to decay under the Boundary Marker’s influence.

Adjustments to Watchtowers

As mentioned earlier, the latest update made some tweaks to watchtowers. First, the Watchtower’s max shooting range is reduced to 135 meters. Second, the tower’s basic damage is increased. Third, the bonus damage inflicted to warriors and mounts has been reduced to 2% and 1%, respectively.

Fourth, the warriors that you assign to your watchtowers will have their damage affected by the skill level of their Wisdom Talent. And lastly, the option where the Watchtower’s AI is set to attack buildings is now changed to attacking moving siege weapons.

Update Highlights

  • Now the Masonry Arrow Tower shall be crafted on the Siege Foundation
  • Added a button to toggle show/hide item’s weight in inventory
  • Removed the time limit of Lantern, Endless Knot, and Firecrackers
  • Adjusted the space limit for placing Torture Rack
  • Reduced the drop rate of Lv.900 Talent Books
  • Adjusted Miasma’s icon
  • Adjusted the effective range of Simple Ballista, Heavy Ballista, Simple Mangonel, and Grapeshot Trebuchet to 125 meters. Their damage will plummet to 5% when projectiles travel farther than 135 meters
  • Fixed a bug where the Player can hold [U] to summon wolves spawning from Patrolling Wolf House
  • Fixed a bug where the Planter won’t decay
  • Fixed a bug where the Player can’t retrieve their horse in Guild Depot once the number of their mounts reached the upper limit
  • Fixed a bug where the Player and warriors won’t eat Crescent Wonton when assigned to a building
  • Fixed a bug where the Player using Art of Strategy - Raw Meat Eater will add their Toxicity
  • Fixed a bug where some Strongholds’ siege weapons will respawn once destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where the Treasure Guard won’t spawn when the Player opened the New Year Gift Box while riding a horse
  • Fixed some issues related to terrain

The cross-server teleport function is available in Commandery 1, 31, 42, and 59 after applying this patch.

The Myth of Empires December 29 Update is now available on PC.

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