Mystery Match Village Invites You to Solve the Death on the Nile

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Solve the mystery Outplay Entertainment

Mystery Match Village is bringing the world of Agatha Christie to the mobile platform. This is via the Death on the Nile event which is part of the limited-time Season Pass. The event itself is launching on November 11.

Death on the Nile is a story written by Christie that features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. A new film adaptation is set to be released on February 11, 2022.

In the game, players get the chance to team up with none other than detective Hercule Poirot to discover the truth. Players will assist the detective as he takes on the investigation and shares his suspicions and insights.

For this version, players travel to 1930s Egypt aboard the S.S. Karnak and solve this classic murder mystery. By finishing levels, players earn Poirot Points to unlock cinematic and narrative scenes, in-game boosts and rewards, and exclusive exotic world decorations. There’s no question that this event lets fans experience Poirot and enjoy the story in a new way.

The event itself lasts for 30 days and is unlocked by completing the first episodic mystery of the game. Though the Season Pass remains available until April 2022 for new players to enjoy.

In a statement, Agatha Christie Ltd CEO James Prichard revealed that Death on the Nile is one of his great-grandmother’s most celebrated works. They are more than happy to have partnered with Outplay Entertainment to bring this story to a new platform. Prichard went on to say that they made sure that the game can show the true essence of the characters and the story.

Outplay Entertainment CEO Douglas Hare shared that they are more than honored to bring to the mobile this highly coveted novel. He added that they worked really hard to make sure that the famous characters are recreated as faithfully as possible.

Mystery Match Village takes players on an adventure alongside private investigator Emma Fairfax. Each episode of the game introduces a unique case to be solved and comes with new characters, locations, and puzzles. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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