Monster Hunter Rise: Title Update 3 to Introduce New Monsters

New contents coming soon.
New contents coming soon. CAPCOM

A new free update is dropping this week in Monster Hunter Rise. Title Update 3 will introduce new monsters, various quests, and a new original character voice.

Once the new update goes live, players should be prepared to face New Risen elder dragons and even a powered-up monster. Details include:

  • Chaotic Gore Magala
    • The Gore Magala that fell into chaos are those that have been denied their evolution into Shagaru Magala.
    • Not only do they continue to have their original power, but they also possess the potential of Shagaru Magala.
      • This makes them incredibly unstable.
      • This also leads them to fall into a state of anguish and violence.
    • When attacking their prey, they repeatedly fold and unfurl their wings.
      • This is to show their internal struggle with their own form.
  • Risen Teostra
    • These are elder dragons that have found a way to overcome their affliction.
    • While clad in flame, they unleash more dust and create a non-stop barrage of explosions until everything in the vicinity has been turned to ashes.
  • Risen Kushala Daora
    • These elder dragons also found a way to overcome their affliction.
    • They command destructive storms and can easily corner prey with a more varied arsenal of attacks than their regular counterparts.

The Quests

The upcoming update will also introduce some cool changes. For example, players can now take followers with them on almost all Master Rank quests, including Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations.

There are also new monsters in Anomaly Research Quests, like A7-Star quests now available and Anomaly Investigations up to level 200. Be on the lookout as well on new features for Qurious Crafting.

Finally, new Event Quests are open for players to complete and get special rewards.

Update Roadmap

For those who can remember, the free Title Update 1 introduced the Forlorn Arena and Anomaly Investigations, and then the free Title Update 2 gave players the chance to unlock layered weapons.

The free Title Update 4 is coming in 2023, and while major changes are yet to be announced, it's expected to introduce a new elder dragon and a new powered-up monster. The free Title Update 5 is also coming out next year.

Monster Hunter Rise was released in March 2021 on Nintendo Switch, while the PC version was launched in January 2022.

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