Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.92 New Changes to Talent System

Revamped Faramis
Revamped Faramis Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

There’s a new update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is now available on the advanced server. Beta Patch 1.6.92 applies changes to the Talent system.

The developers lowered the account level requirements for unlocking the Talent slots in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Regular attribute is now unlockable at Level 9, Regular skill talents at Level 11, and Core talents at Level 14.

For those who don’t know, Talents improve a hero's stats, such as physical attack, magic power, and crit chance, among many others.

On top of that, the price of unlocking Core talents has been lowered to 8,000 Talent Essences. The price of Regular talents has also been lowered to 500. To unlock all Talents, players must spend around 220,000 Talent Essences.

Beta Patch 1.6.92 implements balancing changes as well, and you can read some of them below:

Revamped Faramis
  • Passive
    • HP regen reduced to 100 + 50% Magic Power (Faramis' instant HP Regen has been too high after the previous adjustments to his Skill 1 and 3)
  • Skill 2
    • Base damage calculation changed to 330-480 + 144% Magic Power
    • Split damage calculation reduced to 200-300 + 72% Magic Power
  • Ultimate
    • Cooldown increased to 80-70 seconds
    • Extra HP reduced to 400-700 + (20 +5% Magic Power)% HP
    • Movement speed boost duration reduced to 1 second
Luo Yi
  • Ultimate
    • Cooldown reduced to 50-40 seconds
  • Ultimate
    • Damage bonus reduced to 125% Magic Power
  • Glowing Wand
    • Max burn damage reduced to 2.5% at 5 stacks
  • Fleeting Time
    • Cooldown reduction improved to 25% remaining cooldown + 1.5 seconds
  • Temporal Reign
    • The talent is now exclusive to specific heroes. Casting the Ultimate now reduces other skills' cooldowns by 1.5 seconds
  • Perpetual Presence
    • Every 60 seconds alive before the next death reduces the next respawn timer by 15%, to as low as 25% of the original
  • Sacred Bloom
    • New supportive talent. Every once in a while, the next skill against an enemy hero plants a seed in them. The first allied hero that attacks the enemy hero after 2 seconds can retrieve the seed, recovering HP and granting the talent carrier a small amount of Gold. The seed lasts 5 seconds
  • Wilderness Blessing
    • New effect. Fighting creeps and minions no longer removes the Movement Speed boost.
  • Spell Master
    • New effect. Now also reduces the cooldowns of active skills gained from equipment

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.92 is available on Android and iOS.

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