Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.72 Live on Official Servers; Brings Newly Revamped Akai

Revamped Akai
Revamped Akai Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

The newly revamped Akai, the almighty Panda Warrior, is now available on the live servers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Patch 1.6.72 also implements various balancing changes to heroes, including Masha, Natan, Aamon, Fanny, Benedetta, and Badang.

Revamped Hero

Akai is now more potent and deadlier in Patch 1.6.72 for several reasons. For one, his Tai Chi passive has a new effect. Back then, Akai only gained a shield that absorbs damage equal to 6% of his max HP every time he uses a skill. Now, every time his skills hit an enemy, that enemy gains a mark. This means his basic attacks now deal extra damage to marked enemies. He still gets a shield (50+5% Max HP) for four seconds for each skill cast.

His other abilities were also adjusted, like Headbutt, which is now his first skill. When used, he charges in a target direction and knocks the first enemy hit airborne. If he hits an enemy hero, Akai can roll in the same direction once.

His second skill is now known as Body Slam. Akai uses his body to smash the ground, dealing damage to enemies in the area and slowing them down.

Heavy Spin is the new name of his ultimate ability. Akai spins for four seconds and gradually increases his movement speed over the duration, dealing damage continuously to nearby enemies. Enemy heroes knocked back will also knock back other heroes they collide with during the process. Furthermore, Akai can cast Headbutt to quickly adjust his position if needed.

Hero Adjustments

  • Base physical attack reduced to 91
  • Wild Power (Skill 1)
    • HP cost changed to 4%-3%
  • Thunderclap (Ultimate)
    • Base damage reduced to 300-600
    • Cooldown increased to 36-20 seconds
  • Base physical attack increased to 115
  • Physical attack growth increased to 11.8
  • Soul Shards (Skill 1)
    • Base damage increased to 175-300
    • Shard’s base damage increased to 50-100
  • Air Superiority (Passive)
    • Energy regen per stack reduced to 8
    • Energy regen when hitting multiple enemies reduced accordingly
  • Elapsed Daytime (Passive)
    • Damage increased to 210% physical attack
  • Chivalry Fist (Passive)
    • Fixed an issue where the extra damage could also trigger attack effects
  • Qigong Fist
    • Base damage increased to 250-400
System Adjustments
  • Added a new feature that allows you to send gifts in batches
  • You can now display a hero or skin of your choice on the Profile screen. Your favorite heroes and lanes are also displayed
  • You can now send Emotes after death in matches
So, what can you say about Akai’s rework? Do you agree that he’s gotten stronger now or do you feel that he was better with his old kit?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.72 is available on Android and iOS.

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