Mobile Legends: Adventure Players Can Now Set Automated Combat Strategies in Frontline

Patch 3.280
Patch 3.280 Twitter/@MobileLegendsAD

Mobile Legends: Adventures, a 2D idle game developed by Moonton Studios, has a fresh update that brought new features and combat improvements in Frontline.

Frontline is a game mode in Mobile Legends: Adventure where different guilds can engage in battle at certain times of the day. Players who participate can earn Frontline currency, which they can exchange for items in the Frontline Shop.

Patch 3.280 for Mobile Legends: Adventures adds a few nifty features in Frontline that players should know about. The first is that they can now set their preferred strategies using the new “Combat Settings” feature so that they won’t have to do the heavy lifting. For instance, players can now enable Auto Team Commands, which will send their main team to the next round automatically without user input.

The second is that members of a guild can now vote for battle time slots. The Guild Chief will review the votes and determine which time slot is most convenient for the entire guild.

The third is pretty useful for beginners. The new “Helper” feature provides players with recommendations to make the most out of their current situation. It can give some handy tips on how to best defeat the opposing team. That is why those who are new to MLA must consider using it.

Patch Notes

  • Optimized Frontline Features
    • During the declaration stage, Adventurers can now dispatch Offense Lineups to bases that the Guild has declared war on, and they will automatically attack once the battle stage starts.
    • "Mirage Legends" Act II Chapter 3 "Farewell to Springtime" is now available. Responsibility or care, to forget or to be forgotten... It all depends on Hayabusa's last choice. (Clear Campaign 51-40 to unlock.)
  • Adjusted the level calculation and Fatigue calculation rules in "Frontline" so that there'll be a smaller gap of strength among Adventurers with different game time.
  • Adjusted the rules of Personal Contribution in "Frontline." Adventurers now can obtain Personal Contributions from lost battles, but fewer Personal Contributions can be obtained through attacking fort guards.
  • Optimized the display of your available heroes in Guild simulation matches. Heroes who have been deployed before will appear as unavailable in the simulation.
  • Optimized the red dot notifications in Tower of Babel, Arena, Tavern, Guild, Dungeon, Market, and Realm of Legends to avoid repetition.
  • Optimized the visuals of "Frontline."

Mobile Legends: Adventure Patch 3.280 is now available on the test server. Players who want to try the new features out will have one week to do so before this update goes live on the official servers on January 4.

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