Mobile Legends: Adventures Introduces Yetis in Time For the Holidays

Spread the holiday cheer.
Spread the holiday cheer. Moontoon

Mobile Legends: Adventures is celebrating the holiday season with a massive Christmas seasonal event. It is set to introduce special events and even unique holiday character skins. There’s also a new boss monster that’s joining the game for a limited time. The event is in progress and runs through December 31.

The mighty Yeti is sure to face a challenge to many players during the holidays. Players should try to make the most out of their fights with this boss monster. In Icy Brawl, the more damage players deal to the Yeti, the better the rewards they can get.

Players can also log in to the game every day during the duration of the event. This lets them collect snowballs to launch their very own Snowball Fight Christmas treasure hunt. For this particular holiday event, players can trade snowballs for a chance to flip a card over and claim any prize underneath. Aside from thousands of rewards lying in wait, at least 13 different Heroes are available.

Icy Brawl and Snowball Fight are just two of the holiday events in store for everyone. All throughout the holidays, players can log in to the game daily and take part in a wide range of activities. They get to earn some exciting gifts that include exclusive holiday avatar borders, medals, and the epic hero Lunox.

There are also some time-limited Christmas skins for Lunox, Freya, Claude, and even Saber, all offered at the shop.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG and a spin-off of the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game offers players a fun, stress-free, epic adventure world. With idle gameplay, players get to enjoy fighting against monsters, and even getting epic rewards, without any pressure. The unique mechanics allow everyone to play for as little as 10 minutes per day. All they need is to assemble a squad of adventurers and send them to battle.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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