Metroid Fusion Coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack March 8

Enjoy the Metroid series.
Enjoy the Metroid series. Nintendo

Metroid Fusion is coming to those with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership beginning March 8. Once it arrives, players can experience the full journey of Samus Aran on Nintendo Switch. It can be accessed through the Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online library.

Destroy the Parasite Threat

Metroid Fusion is the fourth game in the 2D Metroid saga and follows the interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran. While exploring the mysterious planet SR388, Samus gets attacked by an X parasite. Besides being deadly, this organism can mimic the abilities of creatures it infects, which includes Samus herself.

Fortunately, for Samus, she is saved by an infusion of Metroid DNA, the sole natural predator of the X parasite. However, she later discovers that the parasite has spread to the research station orbiting SR388. Out of options and already weakened, she now has to do whatever is necessary to destroy the threat posed by the parasite before it's too late.

In the game, players take on this critical mission with Samus and experience classic Metroid gameplay and explore a massive research station swarming with hostile life forms, as well as collect power-ups, such as the Screw Attack and Morph Ball.

Enjoy the Series

Once Metroid Fusion becomes available, players have a chance to enjoy the Metroid series in order. They can play these first three games:

  • Metroid on the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library
  • Metroid II – Return of Samus on the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library
  • Super Metroid on the Super NES – Nintendo Switch Online library

Once those three are done, it’s where Metroid Fusion comes in. Players can conclude with the latest installment on Nintendo Switch which is Metroid Dread. Those who want to play more Metroid can also branch out and try Metroid Prime Remastered.

Get a Subscription

The Nintendo Switch Online membership lets players enjoy online play and the Save Data Cloud feature in a large selection of compatible games. It also gives access to more than 100 classic NES, Super NES, and Game Boy games.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership plan features all the same great benefits offered in the Nintendo Switch Online membership but with access to a library of classic Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis, and Game Boy Advance games plus online play.

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