Metroid Dread: Top Things You Should Know About

A new enemy has arrived.
A new enemy has arrived. Nintendo

A new adventure awaits Samus as he faces a new enemy in Metroid Dread. This is the first 2D Metroid story to arrive in almost two decades, and it's coming to Nintendo Switch this October 8. While it does have the side-scrolling gameplay of previous games in the series, it brings with it new stealth elements.

Like the other games, Metroid Dread also has players control Samus Aran. The game is set after the events of Metroid Fusion where Samus had wiped out the lethal X parasites as well as planet SR388. However, the Galactic Federation revealed that they have received a video transmission claiming that X is still alive. As a result, a special unit composed of seven EMMI robots was sent to ZDR, where the transmission seemed to have originated. The unit has vanished and it’s now up to Samus to go to ZDR and investigate.


According to a post, the gameplay of Metroid Dread now includes free-aim and melee attacks introduced back in Samus Returns. For a fresh take, Samus can now use stealth to avoid enemies. She can hide behind objects and even activate camouflage to become invisible for a short time.

When an enemy detects her, they will search and possibly start a chase. Although the protagonist, Samus' weapons don't work against the E.M.M.I. So, getting detected and captured means the end.

A Long Time

Metroid Dread releasing this year is good news for many fans, however, it was not without problems. It was back in 2005 when series producer Yoshio Sakamoto started working on the game for Nintendo DS. Yet it became clear to Sakamoto that the platform wouldn’t be enough to make his vision possible. Eventually, it was put on hold and only recently revised.

The Metroid franchise started all the way back in 1986 and was released on Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the things that raised the game to new heights was when it revealed that the main character, Samus Aran, was female. This made her one of the earliest female video game protagonists.

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