Medieval Dynasty: Update Adds Item Sorting and Other Gameplay Features

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Developer Render Cube Games has updated Medieval Dynasty to version Also known as the Halloween update, there is a new item sorting feature present in your inventory and can also be seen while you’re trading.


Aside from the item sorting feature, you can expect new additions to the game as well. If you use a mouse with more than two buttons, the patch now lets you bind certain actions to those extra buttons. This is quite useful, especially if you are more comfortable using your mouse than your keyboard when doing things.

The camera shake feature has been improved. There is a new setting that you can enable to add slight camera shakes when you hit objects or use tools. But you can disable camera shake if that is what you want.

Other than the ones already mentioned, snow has been improved on stairs, bridges, and planks. Post-processing improvements have also been added, so you will likely notice better details.

Update Highlights


  • Checking the size of all saves in saves folder
  • Over 40 new random places generated on the map
  • Game mode setting for stopping dropped food from spoiling
  • Added option to disable character's breathing in gameplay settings


  • Changed the way the achievements are written, should hopefully lower the possibility of achievement writing fail, which prevented any other achievement to be obtained until the game restarts
  • Waterskin with Water is a lot cheaper than regular waterskin
  • Player can talk to NPC after removing NPC from the village
  • Some cases where NPCs sleep on the floor
  • Some cases where the workstations work on their own
  • Some cases where the NPC gets up from the bench and the player catches him to talk, the NPC runs away
  • The starting health and damage options don't affect bandits
  • Mount no longer spawns from the ground when summoned of assigned to building
  • Player is adjusting his rotation properly now when riding on donkey
  • Sometimes dismount action key bind is missing
  • Horses walking really slow in some cases
  • Dismount action is not assigned to any key after resetting key binds to default


  • Head bobbing algorithm improvements
  • The duration of the day has been lengthened and the night shortened
  • The length of the day depends on the season.
  • Gates now open wider
  • Equipped or assigned items will not be taken from player in deliver quests
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Horse animation transitions are now smoother while accelerating
  • Default frame rate set to 60
  • Improved snapping NPCs to interaction points

Medieval Dynasty Update is now available on PC.

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