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Medieval Dynasty is a game about creating your own town in the harsh middle ages. As you build houses brick by brick, you will come across certain challenges that make things difficult for you and your people.

Anyway, the game has just been released from Early Access and is now getting a constant stream of updates. Update is the most recent and it is loaded with new features and plenty of fixes, which help improve game stability.

In this patch, hunting wild animals will be easier because every time you injure them, their blood will be highlighted using the Tracker skill. Originally, it only highlights enemies when you’re in range while in Spectator mode, so this change is a good one.

Those who are already playing the game may find that things just look too dark at night. The developers at Render Cube Games have adjusted the overall brightness during nighttime, which may help you traverse the town more clearly than before.

In terms of hunting, any aggressive animal that you startle is now slowed down when they’re trying to flee. In addition, all animals will now stay in place for a brief period once they’re hit with a projectile.

If you’ve found that some item descriptions don’t seem right when perusing the crafting menu, you’re not wrong. The devs found that they are indeed erroneous and have now been corrected in this patch.

Patch Highlights

  • Tracker skill additionally highlights blood
  • New sounds for Planning Wood in Woodshed
  • One of the signposts shows the wrong direction to Lesnica
  • Wrong descriptions for some items in the crafting menu
  • Some locations randomized on the map have incorrect amounts of items
  • NPCs eating or drinking from invisible items
  • "Eat" text for drinking items instead of "drink"
  • Recurve bow technology mismatch
  • Affection is not visible for villagers owned by the player
  • "Crafting" technology instead of "production" in radial menus
  • Temporary fix for a rare situation where tutorial videos or cutscenes could freeze the game (black screen will remain but shouldn't freeze the game)
  • Increased brightness at night
  • Hurt prey animals are now slowed down to 40% of their max speed
  • Aggressive animals are now slowed down when entering fleeing state
  • Player won't be able to shoot underwater
  • Increased attack range for fox and badger
  • Increased attach chance for spears

The full patch notes are available on the game’s official Steam page.

Medieval Dynasty Update is available on PC.

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