The Darkness Arrives on MapleStory with Neo Update

The darkness is rising.
The darkness is rising. Nexon

The Neo: Darkness Ascending update for MapleStory is finally here, and this might be the largest update for the game in 2021. The first part adds a new Nova Archer job along with a new area. In addition, it increases the max level to 300 and launches some limited-time events.

Although the update does introduce the new Nova Archer job, its actual arrival is on June 23. This character is known as the Darkness Chaser Kain who brings with him the one-handed weapon, Whispershot, and some melee weapons in his Weapon Belt.

The new area is Cernium, also known as the City of the Gods, where players can expect to take new challenges and quests. Helping players in their fight against monsters is a special power called Sacred Power that can be obtained by equipping Sacred Symbols.

As already mentioned, the max level is now 300. This change lowered the needed EXP to level up between levels 210 and 250. Speaking of EXP, the update increases the EXP rewards received for Arcane River quests. Another change is the modified character death penalty in which a reduced drop rate percentage applies rather than overall experience lost.

New Event

The Neo Update also introduces the Neo Castle event. Shrouded in mystery, the Neo Castle was formed when Grandis World and Maple World were combined. This has resulted in new events with these features and shops:

  • Neo Stone Shop
    • Players can exchange Neo Stones for a variety of improvements that can be used to enhance items and boost character growth.
  • Neo Gem Shop
    • Neo Gems are earned by playing one of the many new mini-games and then used to buy special cosmetic items.
  • Neo Core Shop
    • Neo Cores can be collected by battling bosses and can be used to purchase a variety of rare items.
  • Neo Meso Shop
    • The Meso shop is stocked full of powerful items that can be purchased using Mesos.

Better Maple

The new update comes with the Better Maple Project as well, which brings many improvements including:

  • The V Matrix has been improved for easier use.
  • Boss Battles have been improved and a new boss entry system has been added.
    • This should let players move to the waiting area immediately from the current channel simply by selecting the boss > difficulty > press GO.
  • ​Skill Tooltips have been widened for better legibility and understanding of skill descriptions.
  • Equipped item functionality has been improved.
    • Players can now compare equipped items with other items linked in chat.

You can read the complete patch notes for the new update here.

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