MapleStory M Welcomes Nova Warrior Kaiser to Roster

Welcome a new character.
Welcome a new character. Nexon

The newest update for MapleStory M expands its roster with the arrival of Kaiser, a half-dragon and half-human warrior. He brings to the battle a two-handed sword that’s sure to turn heads. His arrival to the game also means a new Grandis area with new monsters.

As a Nova Warrior, Kaiser can fill up his Morph Gauge by performing special attacks or doing combos. Once this gauge is filled up, Kaiser can enter his true form making him almost invincible for a short period.

Limited-Time Events

To celebrate the arrival of Kaiser, there are limited-time events for everyone:

  • Kaiser Burning Event
    • This event runs until June 5.
    • This is a 1+2 Level-Up event for Kaiser characters.
  • Kaiser Growth Support
    • For a limited period, items needed to grow Kaiser at each level are distributed to players.
  • ​Kaiser On-Time
    • This event runs until May 12.
    • Players who log in receive a Kaiser Update Box that includes, among others:
      • an extra character slot coupon
      • an auto-battle charge ticket (30 min)
      • a Whetstone
  • Haste
    • This event runs until May 26.
    • A certain number of daily missions are available each day and players who clear them can get one reward box.
    • Once a daily mission is complete, a Hidden Mission is then presented.
    • Players get extra hunting and buff benefits useful in places like the Dungeons or Star Force Field.
  • Plant Flowers with Camila
    • Players can claim this event and receive a seed which they can then plant on the event page.
    • The seed blooms after 24 hours and gives rewards once fully bloomed.
    • This 24-hour wait period can be reduced with extra action from the player.
  • ​Lady Blair Dream Express
    • Running from May 12 to 26, players get to participate in Lady Blair's Secret Vault.
    • The event lets players move numerous items including style, mount, pets, and damage skin to other characters through the Vault.
    • This ability is only offered during the specified event period.
  • Traveling the World with Miyo
    • The event runs until June 30.
    • Players can get new pets, skins, and outfits by following in the same format as the existing long-term attendance sheet.
    • Battle support items, pets, skins, and skin slot expansion tickets are included.
  • Gift Box Event
    • The event starts May 27 and ends June 10.
    • Players get to collect keys dropped through hunting to unlock a Maple Gift Box from their Event Tab.
    • Once a player unlocks and opens all 10 Maple Gift Boxes, they can obtain a Special Gift Box.
    • The gift box can vary in level, up to Level 3, based on how many times all 10 Maple Gift Boxes are obtained by the user and others.
  • June Monthly Attendance Sheet
    • The event lasts throughout the entire month of June and is the same as the existing Monthly Attendance Sheet.

In addition to new content, the amount of EXP that players need to level up is adjusted particularly in leveling up between levels 35 and 220. This should make it much easier to finish guide missions. Players should also be glad that compensation rates have been increased to support equipment growth. Lowered as well is the cost for the weapon and armor Star Force 1 to 10 enhancement.

Legion System

The new update also introduces to the game a new Legion System. This lets players assign occupation areas to their characters and get bonuses for their other characters. It actually works similarly to the current existing Maple Tree Festival System. Finally, Hunt and Collect requirements in Quest are reduced for overall advancement improvements in the game.

What do you think of this update?

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