Max Level Increased in MapleStory’s June Update

Time to level up.
Time to level up. Nexon

The Neo updates for MapleStory are set to be launched this summer. The first part of the update is releasing on June 9 and one of the big changes is the increase to max level to 300. Players can also expect improvements that help with growth like the 20% reduction in the needed EXP for level-ups between level 210 and 250. There is the higher EXP as well earned when beating monsters of the same level.

Overall, here are the highlights of what’s coming:

  • June 9
    • Burning World and Tera Burning return with a chance for a 1+2 rapid level-up.
    • Neo Castle events are arriving.
    • A new region arrives known as “Cernium, City of the Gods.”
  • July Update
    • A new region called “Hotel Arcus” will be introduced.
    • Get to meet the new boss and holy guardian of the sword “Chosen Seren.”
    • Zero and Beast Tamer character creation available in all worlds during the July update period.

Minor Patch

While waiting for the summer updates, a minor patch has been released which fixed:

  • An issue where the "[MONAD: The First Omen] A Reason to Fight" quest could not be restarted if the character left the "Abrup Basin: Skuas" map before completing the quest.
  • An issue where Hayato's "Summer Rain" skill caused the client to crash.
  • An issue where Hotel Maple: One Card mini-game would end prematurely.
  • An issue where the timeout penalty message during "Hotel Maple: One Card" extended outside of the minigame's UI.
  • An issue where some NX items were not visible in Dutch players' inventory.
  • An issue where Black Mage may not spawn properly when Phase 4 of the boss fight begins.

The dev team shared that some players recently experienced a crash in NA Reboot. As a result, these players get items as compensation:

  • Sweet 16 Coin x300 Coupon (x1)
  • Arcane Symbol: Lachelein x10 Package (x1)

MapleStory is an MMORPG that offers players an epic adventure combined with action-packed gameplay. It has that iconic 2D art style with bold anime-style self-expression. The game lets players create their very own custom hero from more than 40 unique classes along with thousands of unique cosmetic options.

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