Magic: Legends Handing Out Freebies to Beta Testers

Enjoy some free items.
Enjoy some free items. Perfect World

Magic: Legends is set to have its Open Beta on March 23, and being able to be one of the first to try out the game is exciting enough. The game, however, is giving beta testers a little something extra with exclusive items, all for free.

While the Open Beta is limited to PC players, there are two ways to join the test. There’s the Arc Games platform from publisher Perfect World and the Epic Games Store.

The items that beta testers get to receive are:

  • Arc Games
    • Ogre Mortar 'Bruiser' Skin
    • Vigilante Costume
    • 2x Drop Boosts
    • 2x Mission Reward Boosts
  • Epic Game
    • Moorland Ranger Costume
    • Moorland Ranger Werewolf Summon Skin
    • 2x Drop Boosts

Sneak Peek - Class

Even if the Open Beta is a month away, Magic: Legends has been giving everyone a glimpse of what to expect. There’s the Equipment System, for example, which you can read more about here.

Different classes are also available for players to choose from, each is aligned with one of the mana colors from the collective card game Magic: The Gathering. These are:

  • White Mana: Sanctifier
  • Blue Mana: Mind Mage
  • Black Mana: Necromancer
  • Red Mana: Geomancer
  • Green Mana: Beastcaller

There will be other classes to be introduced at a later date but these five are the starters. Besides, each class has abilities divided between Primary Attack, Secondary Ability, and Utility Ability. The abilities can be upgraded as well to have more effects.

The Geomancer’s Utility Ability, for instance, is known as Furious Leap. When upgraded, it becomes Berserker’s Leap where not only does it have two charges but also allows the hero to jump even further.

Players need to take Loadouts into consideration too since there are Equipment that can improve class-specific abilities. Some items can even help lower cooldown, which should give the Mind Mage that added advantage for the Secondary Ability known as Confound.

Planeswalker Bundle

Magic: Legends is already offering a bundle that fans and players can buy even before the Open Beta starts, like the Cosmetic Sets for the different classes and some Alt Skins. Learn more about the bundle here.

Sign up for the beta through Arc Games here.

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