Magic: The Gathering Partners With ProGuides To Launch Drafting Course

Learn more about the Draft Format.
Learn more about the Draft Format. Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering announced that it has renewed its partnership with ProGuides to launch Introductory and Advanced Courses on the "Drafting" format. This two-course program introduces players, and lets them dive deep, into the playing format.

The goal of this course is to educate players on competitive "drafting" format. In this format, players build new decks by:

  • Opening card packs,
  • Selecting a single card, and
  • Rotating the remaining cards to other players until all cards are assigned.

While drafting is indeed fun, it remains to be a format that is challenging, especially since it includes an element of luck in what is an otherwise hyper-strategic game. As such, it takes a certain amount of skill in order to master this format. In determining the group to conduct the course, MTG went with ProGuides. This is because the group initially offered courses that helped many tabletop players make the transition to the online version Arena. MTG is looking to ProGuides in helping educate fans on a different way to play.

Each course hosts an interactive video worth 45 minutes and is led by former MTG pro Noxious. The lessons are suitable for all skill levels and free access is given with ProGuides registration. As an added bonus, students who complete the course get an in-game card pack for free. The course is broken down into four main topics, which are:

  • Limited Formats
  • B.R.E.A.D.
  • Drafting
  • Deckbuilding

You can learn more about the Drafting Course here.

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