Magic: The Gathering Makes Exciting Changes To Competitive Scene For 2020-2021 Season

A new esports structure is coming to Magic: The Gathering
A new esports structure is coming to Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering has revealed a bold new vision for its competitive play. Wizards of the Coast said that players and fans can expect to see some major changes to its competitive program for the 2020-2021 season. These changes will provide both high-quality broadcasts, and create a clear path to the World Championship, especially for aspiring competitors.

MTG Arena will serve as the main platform for big-time broadcasts as well as major moments in Magic. These include three Mythic Invitationals and even more opportunities for qualifications. Meanwhile Magic Tabletop is going to introduce the Players Tour. This is a regional tournament system that hopes to boost Magic play all over the world and increase qualification opportunities.

The 2020-2021 season will mark the return of the Magic Pro League (MPL). Along with the MPL, a new Rivals League has been created, which is going to support up-and-coming talent while giving high-level competitors a clear path to turn pro.

The MPL is expected to showcase the top deck-building strategies and highest level of competition as players vie to stay atop the rankings. Rivals, on the other hand, is going to serve as a talent-development league that provides opportunities for new challengers to secure a spot in the next MPL season.

The competitive season is then going to culminate in the Magic World Championship. This tournament will bring together the top players from all platforms and leagues to fight and get the chance to call themselves the “The Best Magic Player in the World.”

With more opportunities to be part of the year's biggest tournament, now is a good time to start proving yourself as one of the best Magic players in the world. To know more about the changes coming in the 2020-2021, you can go here.

Magic: The Gathering recently concluded its Mythic Championship IV tournament last July, which offered a $500,000 prize pool. This was held in Barcelona with Germany's Thoralf Severin winning the top spot. The Mythic Championship V is scheduled for October in California with a $750,000 prize pool.

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