The Machine Age has Arrived to Stellaris

A new age is here. Paradox Interactive

The newest major expansion for Stellaris is finally here. The Machine Age is available for the PC and priced at $24.99. The new expansion arrives on the game along with a free update.

A time of unbridled progress is coming. Synthetic ascension invites everyone with the promise of life as cybernetic augmentation transcends the limits of the body. Structures having immense size and power have started appearing with regularity between the stars. Scientists are now doing what can to discover the secrets of creation even as the individual machines fight for resources and prestige.

The Machine Age allows players to ascend through technologies with these new features:

  • New Endgame Crisis & Crisis Path
    • Players get to face a new synthetic threat in a brand-new Endgame Crisis.
    • They could themselves become the threat to the balance of the universe in a new Crisis Path.
  • Individualistic Machines
    • The machine empires are no longer limited to gestalt consciousness and can have individual personalities and more diverse stories and origins.
    • Players can further customize their empire with three new Machine Ascension Paths.
  • New Situations & Advanced Authority Swap
    • As players delve ever closer to the mind of the machine, they'll have to face new challenges for their society.
    • Each decision matters and the only certainty is that the empire won't be the same after its Ascension.

New Origins

Players can also experience new origins which are:

  • Cybernetic Creed
    • The empire pursues a divine calling which is the holy fusion of the body and cybernetics.
    • Augmentation is worship.
  • Synthetic Fertility
    • Once a thriving society, a novel genetic disease has left the empire unable to reproduce biologically.
    • Digital salvation seems the only option to avoid extinction.
  • Arc Welders
    • Hailing from a world starved for space, a robotic society turns to the stars for resources.

Other New Content

In addition to what's already mentioned, The Machine Age also comes with:

  • new reactive portraits
  • six new Civics
  • two new mid-game structures
  • molten Arc Furnace
  • powerful Dyson Swarm
  • new Population Traits
  • seven brand-new music tracks for the best in synthetic beats

Andromeda Update

Launching alongside this new expansion is the free update 3.12. Dubbed as "Andromeda," it rebalances the Genetic, Cybernetic, and Synthetic tradition trees. In addition, it also improves the different AI functions that's related to leader assignment and economic management. The update also makes reworks to the Fallen Empire buildings.

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game first released for the PC in May 2016. The game was then launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in February 2019. Stellaris was developed by Paradox Interactive whose game portfolio includes other popular franchises like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, the Surviving games, Age of Wonders, and Victoria.

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