Lightyear Frontier Coming to PC and Xbox Next Year

Farm on an alien planet.
Farm on an alien planet. Frame Break

An open-world farming game is nothing new. But how do you think it would feel if it was done on another planet? That's what Lightyear Frontier is bringing to the table when it launches on PC and Xbox Series X/S in spring 2023.

In a statement, Frame Break CEO Joakim Hedström shared that they are excited to offer a fresh take on the farming genre. She added that they took elements from other genres like shooter and survival games and repackaged them into a chill and peaceful experience.

Meanwhile, Amplifier Game Invest Head of Publishing Denis Ferrier revealed that the vision Frame Break had for the game is unique and that they are excited to support such a project.

Lightyear Frontier has everything you would expect from a farming game. The difference is that players will use some truly unique items. For example, the set of tools initially available include:

  • Seed Shooter
    • This is the tried and true tool for getting a harvest planted.
    • The feed system pulls directly from the mech’s storage and an auto-targeter locks onto each plot square.
    • This allows players to fill plots with just a few salvoes.
  • Irrigation Hose
    • Plants need more than just sunlight to grow. Boost their growth with water, fertilizer, or other new materials that can be discovered.
    • The irrigation hose is the delivery system for all liquids.
  • Vacuum Harvester
    • With its wide-brim nozzle, the vacuum harvester is excellent at collecting a significant amount of loose materials in a short time.
    • No matter what it is, be it rocks, crops, or wild plants, the vacuum harvester can get it.
  • Resource Drill
    • There are a lot of resources in the land just waiting to be put to good use.
    • The drill features a miniature pneumatically-driven motor coupled with the bit, attached to the tool by a hose.

By the way, have we mentioned that you’ll be using a mech when farming? In addition to helping you farm, the mech comes with mobility options like treads that can transform quickly and allow it to move on the planet’s landscape. It even has some built-in jump boosters for those vertical explorations.

What do you think about this game? Does it offer something new to the farming genre? Read more about Lightyear Frontier here.

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