The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Guide - Three B's To Get You Started

We give you the 3 B's.
We give you the 3 B's. Nintendo

Nintendo recently released The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Switch. This remake of the classic game has a lot to offer for new players while making sure that long-time fans are satisfied. In today's guide, we look at some of the things that the game offers in terms of its weapons.

While the sword and shield are Link's go-to weapons, he has a lot more in terms of an arsenal that he can use.

The Boomerang

The Boomerang is one of the weapons that Link can use. In the Switch version, it's not something that you can simply pick up as you need to do some additional tasks. However in order to get the Boomerang, you need to have access to the Magnifying Glass. Once you have that, you need to go to the Toronbo Shores and look for the hidden cave. Your clue is to look for a crack in the wall. Once you see that, you need to use a bomb to open it.

Once you get inside the cave, there is going to be a Moblin that is going to trade the boomering for another item. However the Switch version offers something new as well. You can now buy back the item you traded for 300 Rupees.

So what's good about the boomerang? In most games that are part of the franchise, the boomerange generally stunds enemies. However for the Switch version of Link's Awakening, the boomerang can do a lot more. Not only can this item continue to stun enemies but it can now destroy most enemies and even damage bosses. It can even destory those fireballs that circle around the walls.

The Bomb

Speaking of bombs, they function differently in this game. In previous games, Link can pick up and throw bombs. However the problem is that while you are doing it, the fuses continue to burn. This gives you a limited time to peform the actions you need. For Link's Awakening on the Switch, when you pick up bombs, the timer is reset. Most would consider this a minor change. However, it opens up a world of new strategies and make enemies that much easier to deal with.

There's also another trick you can do with bombs in the original game that you can also do with the remake. You can equip the Bombs at the same time as the Bow. When you press both buttons assigned to them, you fire Bomb Arrows. That's right, bomb arrows. if that doesn't sound cool, we don't know what is.

The Bow

While the bomb arrow may indeed sound cool, getting the bow can be a hassle. The problem is that the bow can only be access through the shop, and costs 980 Rupees. That's clearly a lot and you need to save to buy it. Then again if you're feeling a bit wild, you can steal it but the problem is that you're going to be branded as "Thief" for the duration of the game.

The good news is that you really don't need the bow unless you want to have a ranged attack or try the bomb arrow. If you're fine with melee attacks, you can delay getting the bow until the last dungeon. This is because you need the bow in order to hit the statue's eye.

There you have it, Boomerang, Bomb, and Bow. If you manage to make full use of them, you are sure to get ahead in this game.

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