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Learn more about what's coming.
Learn more about what's coming. PUBG

PUBG is finally testing out a feature that many players have long wanted: the Ranked Mode. Once this is launched as part of Update 7.2, players should be able to test their skills against some of the world’s best players in return from some rewards and bragging rights. Right now, the Ranked Mode is still going through the paces on the PUBG Test Servers.

It’s not the only thing on the Test Servers though, as there’s going to be weapon balance changes and some new ways to play with fire. In addition, Update 7.2 is also going to add bots to the PC build.

Today, however, we dive deep on this new Ranked Mode.

Once the new Ranked system is live, it means the end of Survival Title. That means game played in Ranked mode are the only ones that count towards a player’s rank. Like with any other game, the Rank of a player increases or decreases based on in-game performance.

In terms of Matchmaking, options include TPP or FPP Squad modes. There’s also going to be 1/2/3 player squad options available. Overall matches are going to have a maximum of 64 players and none of the players are going to be bots.

There are also going to be additional requirements when starting a match in Ranked mode. If part of a squad, all members must meet these requirements:

  • A squad cannot enter the queue if two players are too far apart in rank from each other.
  • Players need to reach at least Survival Mastery level of 20.
  • Depending on the region and platform, players may need to verify their account through SMS.
  • Players who received ranked matchmaking penalties need to wait out a matchmaking penalty time before being able to play ranked again.

While the last part seems severe, players can actually cancel Ranked matchmaking at any time and receive no penalty. However, players who already find a match and load into the pregame lobby are going to face penalties should they decide to abandon the match.

So what else do players need to know about Ranked mode? Games in this mode are randomly played on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. Games are also going to operate with their own game settings, and for Season 7 Ranked these are:

  • Overall increase in item loot spawns.
  • No Crossbow spawns.
  • Red zone has been removed.
  • Motor glider has been removed.
  • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone has been adjusted to increase the pace of play.

Other things to keep in mind is that the Ranked system is going to have six tiers which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Each tier is going to have five divisions from V–I.

The current rank of the player is determined by their Rank Points (RP) in a given queue. At the start of a Ranked season all players are considered as Unranked and the first five games they play are considered placement matches.

New tiers and new divisions.
New tiers and new divisions. PUBG

How do players increase their Rank? When they die in a game, they’re going to have their RP adjusted based on their performance which factors in kills, assists, and personal placement. In addition, players in Diamond rank or above are going to experience RP decay if they don’t play any Ranked game for at least one week.

Rewards are going to be handed out at the end of the season and are based on the highest Ranked tier a player reached that season. Ranked rewards are unique and can only be obtained by playing Ranked during the season they are awarded. Players also get a nameplate and emblem that recognizes their tier. Finally, players that end the season in at least Gold level get a set of Ranked reward skins.

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