PUBG To Add Two-Factor Authentication, Improve Anti-Cheat Measures

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Stricter measures this year.
Stricter measures this year. PUBG

PUBG revealed that it’s currently working on countermeasures that should not only hopefully prevent hacking, but also prevent cheating programs. Back in 2019, PUBG had been releasing a lot of new content along with some update and the usual fixes. However, the game has been facing issues when it comes to the waves and waves of cheat programs.

For this year, PUBG announced that it is putting in place a two-factor authentication system and is working to improve some of its anti-cheat measures.

In a statement by PUBG Producer Taeseok Jang, Jang admitted they may have given “the unfortunate illusions that we weren’t listening or did not care.” However, Jang did admit that the fight against cheating is not going to stop and remains to be something that is very difficult to solve. What the development team has been doing is focusing on blocking cheat programs so as to “make it more difficult for them to create these highly lucrative cheats.” As the cheat programs became better at adapting to the countermeasures made, PUBG made sure to put all these efforts under wraps in order to make it more difficult to react to. Sadly, Jang added that this had the effect of making PUBG “look like we’re doing nothing against a high-priority issue.”

To address these concerns, PUBG is putting in enhanced preemptive measures. One of these is to add a Two-factor Authentication System. According to Jang, some of the support tickets they received were related to accounts that received a permanent ban after their Steam account was hacked and then used with cheat programs. It turns out a lot of these hacked account didn’t have their Steam Guard activated.

To prevent future hacking, while also enhancing security, a SMS authentication is going to be added along with a secondary authentication system that uses a one-time password. For players, this means that they need to enable two-factor authentication in order to play in ranked games.

PUBG is also going to improve the hack vulnerability that is present in game code. Here are some plans that are in the works:

  • Weapons
    • Server authentication is reinforced as it relates to the gun’s firing angle, recoil, and ballistic trajectory, among others.
    • Analyze and overcome the vulnerabilities of client logic related to aiming
  • Vehicles
    • Reinforce server authentication related to, among othersm the speed of the vehicle, its moving angle, and the time period that it remains in the air.
      • This not only ban accounts that are detected but also deter real-time the cheating tools and kick cheaters out of the match while also issuing instant bans.
  • Character Movement
    • Reinforce the server authentication as it related to the move speed of the character, the time perio they remain in the air, etc.

In addition, PUBG is also improving cheat detection and bans. The game is going to Expand Detection Range. To make this happen, the game is going to push updates on a regular basis and expand its focus. There’s also going to be Automatic Analysis considering that the manual analysis method means repeated countermeasures. One way to go about it is to initiate an automatic shutdown of a PC. The development team is also going to Toughen HWID Bans.

You can read more about all of these measures here.

What are your thoughts? Can these measures make a dent on the cheaters?

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